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March 23, 2006



That's interesting... And right now you're definitely the right person in the right role at the right time.

Perhaps, you've discovered yourself?

Jett Loe

Yeah that...or else I needed an excuse to wear that jacket.


I like it. Even when I was little, I always knew that the Playaz were destined to be heard on a podcast from Belfast, N. Ireland.


Yeah, I wasn't going to mention the jacket, but since you brought it up....

Loved the statement, Jett. As WOA said, you're definitely the right person! When can we expect to see cheap copies flooding the market?


Jett, you look like you're going to be violently ill at any second.

And I mean that in the kindest possible way. :)

Thom Brown, III

You know, the FIRST thing I noticed was the jacket . . . and the SUBLIMELY popped collar. Well DONE, man!


Jett - looks like you have a kindred spirit in France. Cyrille de Lasteyrie has been running a French blog for a while now - 20sur20 ("twenty out of twenty") where he rates restraurants, songs, anything really, out of twenty. It's become very popular in France -

Now he's branched out with a vidcast - Bonjour America - addressed to Americans. Explaining useful things to his friends farther west - the rules about soccer etc. and

Your kind of guy.

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