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March 25, 2006


Thom Brown, III

Let me be the first to say: Awesome episode . . . awesome . . .

Wayne . . . You manned up, I'm so proud of you. Jett let you get words in "edgewise" as well . . . does my heart good!

See, Phil, less isn't ALWAYS more . . .

Now, let it be clear . . . Your PHONE NUMBER is on your SKYPE PROFILE!! I thought it was like a voicemail number!!! I am so sorry that I freaked you out, bro. My appologies . . . (But, bro, **YOUR SKYPE PROFILE**)

Thom Brown, III

P.S. Wayne . . . your skype profile id was, in fact, furnished me by Jett . . . dude . . . your number is on your Skype Profile? . . . dude . . .


Thom - unless you are talking about my prize interview - in that case "less" really is more, because if you heard the unedited version, you would have hung yourself.


Thom, You're right my number WAS on Skype profile. Silly me. I should pay more attention to those things now that I'm in the public eye. But no harm, no foul, man. It's all good. Anyway, I figured Jett had something to do with it...

Phil, I haven't listened to the podcast yet but intuition tells me that my 'special' segment is far worse than anything Jett cut out of your interview. I was even reading my story of the week--the words were right in front of me. I imagine that I sound illiterate or like a kid giving a book report on a book he hasn't read. I'm actually scared to listen.


Was that a bit of Fauré's Requirm we heard early on in the doleful section?

Jett Loe

Yep - it was originally used in the now-deleted original LTA 28.


It's a real pain to sing. Though good enough music that it was performed at Fauré's own funeral!

Thom Brown, III

Wayne, once and for all I'm sorry for skeaving you out . . . I listened to my voicemail again, and it did sound pretty threatening . . . SO sorry, dude . . . that's not cool . . .

But your segment was great! Don't gainsay yourself!

Jett Loe

It WAS cool Thom - and now that we know Wayne's number was on his Skype ID nowhere near as weird. We'll get ya on an upcoming show to, jt.

Jefferson Davis

Great show guys. Wayne - buddy, you better watch out for this Thom fellow. I have seen your number on skype as well, I figured it was a cell phone, not your home phone. Man, what the hell were you thinking, putting your home number on skype. Seriously, great show and keep up the good work. Have a good week all... :-)

Kerri T.

Hey guys. Great show. I've only heard this episode and the episode before. I'm looking forward to the Elliot Gould story and I have subscribed.


Fuck Elliot Gould, I wanna know what a Muslim thinks.

and Jett, I don't buy it for one goddamn minute. There is no way on this earth that you actually deleted the original LTA 28. You don't have the balls. You want to revisit this one someday in the future and see what the hell you were thinking/doing/creating at the time. Maybe it's the other way, not that you are lacking in balls, but that you have the stones to stand up to your dark side and embrace it.

Either way, I know it's in the vault.

Jett Loe

It's gone. I really didn't want it hanging around + knowng that anything you put out on the Internet is there forever and considering that we are faced with a massive loss of privacy due to our changing technology/social mores, (LTA is one example), deleting something - so that there is no trace left, is actually a very powerful thing.


it is powerful, which is why I am seriously surprised. You, as a creative guy, knowing that some things need a change in time, distance or perspective to mature into something really worthy.

I envisioned you more of a Sam Peckinpah, I guess. Shoot loads, you'll never know what you want later.

Jett Loe

Yeah well Sam was a drunk so he had to cover his ass as much as possible. Who knows, maybe I'll regret deleting it in the future - but in the here and now it was the right thing to do...(mind you there is a remnent of the show in the Audacity cache files...what I deleted was the Audacity 'time-line'...maybe i'll put that remnent on the Nano for the winner of the auction...hmmm)


Too too funny. I enjoyed listening enough to subscribe to the podcast. I also want to know what a Muslim thinks.

Jett Loe

Welcome to the Party Brianf - you're late to the party - but that's OK cause you're fashionably late.

Jett Loe

Kerri T. - we'll do the Elliot Gould story this week just for you.

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