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March 27, 2006



I'm in for 20 pounds. Just thinking of that special message to myself...mmmmm... warm fuzzy feelings.


I think the bidding should be closed to everyone but Wayne and Thom for the Nano (perhaps though, Wayne is artificially driving up the price?)

Jett Loe

Thom IM'd me with the suggestion that 'mugenstyle3' was Wayne but I've got absolute confirmation that it is not.

Thom Brown, III

Oooh . . . mugenstyle3, you're going DOWN!!

Thom Brown, III

know it, mugenstyle3 . . . down . . .


I believe Jett is being truthful here, as I have recently discovered "mugen style" has to do with customizing an automobile, and I'm guessing Wayne hasn't pimped-out his Fiat at anytime past or present.

Thom Brown, III

Oh, I know mugenstyle3 isn't Wayne . . . but (s)he's still going down . . . I want that iPod!

Jett Loe

From emails I have gotten I know that mugenstyle3 is an LTA fan who's in the States - more than that I will not reveal...

Jett Loe

Plus, I never thought I see Phil write the words "I believe Jett is being truthful here..."


So what's a girl to do if she wants an LTA souvenier that neither costs an arm and a leg nor was formerly waterlogged?

Also, rumours of my dismemberment have been greatly exaggerated.


Given the time Jess has been waiting for the competition winner's T-shirt, maybe Jett will branch out with a CafePress(.com) shop!

Jett Loe

I think you're onto something Alan - will look into it.

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