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March 24, 2006



And I'm almost afraid to ask...are those acid-wash jeans?

Jett Loe

Never be afraid to ask my friend.

The answer is yes.


Nothin' wrong with acid washed jeans. The problem is this photo makes me homesick. Damn you, Jett!

Jett Loe

Yeah, we shot this near my old place on the edge of the Rio Grande Gorge in Taos County. I know you've been there Wayne and it really is something special.

Jefferson Davis

Did you notice that the shadow and sun are coming from almost the same angle. Either someone needs to learn how to photoshop better, or that's a funky sun you've got out west. LOL

Jett Loe've got a point there - but then, considering I'm also in Black and White with a Matte Line around me I think you're nit-picking! ;-)

Aorund Par

Jett, I know this post was an old one, but if you find or have a copy of this movie, LET ME KNOW! This picture alone makes me want to see it... plus you're in the movie, from the looks of the picture, and you know I'm a big fan of you, Jett! Maybe you could mail me a DVD?

Jett Loe

I'm afraid no DVDs or prints are available.

Aorund Par

Ah, oh well. Was the movie ever actually made, or was it scrapped before production, or what happened with it? I think the idea could actually work, and I think that other idea you had for "Feeling Better" / "Slumber" would work too, you just have to get it made, which if you do get that "Slumber" movie completed, PLEASE LET ME BE THE FIRST FAN TO GET A COPY. I'LL BUY A COPY FROM YOU, SERIOUSLY!

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