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March 01, 2006


Wayne Ordinary American

Martha: I'm tellin' yous, like. No one's gonna come up with a caption for this photo.

Jett: Hmmmmm...


Martha: Biotechnology is all the rage, so I got a lighter implanted right in the middle of my palm.

Jett: Hmmmmm... very handy!


Photo 2: "You got your light, now bugger off, you gobshite.."


Martha: "See the gurls here, hi, me wee beauties, they're eat use up for brakefast!"

Stephen Barnes

Jett can't help thinking that Kxxxxxxx X'Xxxxxxxn has been eating too many Porky Pigs lately.


Martha: You let Corrosion what your new camera, ye soft shite?


Photo 2

Martha (jaw hits floor): "Wow! You can get me in TV, movies and stuff?!"

Jett (acting cool taking a puff): "Oh aye! Real big work!"

Martha: "Ooooo Jett - how about I see you tonight then?"

Jett thinking to himself: (BINGO! Daft bints! Works everytime!)

PS: Is that a caption or an entire short story? :-/ Anyway, non-related caption ending! >

Scene: Jett's abobe. Later on that night after some hot action

Martha: "So Jett, this work you were telling me about...?"

Jett: "Yeah, so umm - fancy being the co-host of me Podcast like?!"

Martha: ":-("


Photo I Caption: "There your are lad, your first Irish fag."

Photo II Caption: "Wow . . . easier pull than I'd have imagined."

Prize: LTA interview!!


Photo II - "So it's a deal - I give you a fag, and you take me for a night out to these posh Blog Awards in Dublin."

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