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March 24, 2006


Ryan Dalzell

Hoo... Snap. Knew I forgot something. Sorry 'bout bailing on that there. Mini text version right he-uh, even if the wiki pretty much explains it all...

Doire/Derry/Londonderry/The Maiden City.

Lotsa arguments about that, but during the "troublings" and a wee bit afterwards, it was generally Catholics/Nationalists that called it Derry, the official name for the city right now, or Doire (the irish name for the city) and Protestants/Unionists that called it Londonderry, y'know, to emphasise the link to Britain. Really, just about everyone these days says Derry, 'cause it's more convienient.

We're a petty bunch here in Norn' Iron'. ;)

(P.S. You should come up to Derry more often. There're less goffics.)

Jimmy Porter

Maybe so, but there are far too many hills. You can spot a derry person a mile off because of the angle they walk at.

Thanks for the mention, but have you ever been chased for taking a photo? Do you take one then run away? I took a pic of some guy sending an email in one of those email phone boxes, he was really concentrating, he wasn't too pleased so I deleated it cos there was no talking to him. He was rather angry.

Jett Loe

Nope, never had to run away - actually I ask and get consent for almost all of my pics. I try to pile on the charm - but it depends on the kind of pic am trying to get. Go over to Iced Coffee, (see links at right), he's got some good photos of locals.

jimmy porter

ahh charm.. i have about as much charm as a kick in the teeth.

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