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March 01, 2006



It's all going off. I'm impressed; shockwaves being sent out from the epicentre of the NI art scene in demise.

Have there been any moments of tension or has this passed off without aggro? Where are the art couple from?


Wikipedia's up to date too ...


See, this is the problem with protestors. What do their signs mean?? No one knows!

A woman, who has some sort of exo-skeleton and hypnotic eyes on an Ace of spades card...WTF?? What does that mean??

No one can take their message seriously because no one can understand the message!

Wayne Ordinary American

Hear! Hear! I thought I might be the only one who couldn't quite grasp the meaning of the signs.

However, I did 'understood' the "Fir Wat?" on the last pic but only because I spend a LOT of time with the Chavs and Spides in the Belfast train station.


I was wondering what the American guy was doing with the microphone.... Nice to know you're not just a random pervert tricking people into speaking into a ciggarette box painted black.

The art couple are students from the Art College on York St. AFAIK, there was no-one from the Arts Council at the protest.

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