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March 10, 2006


Wayne Ordinary American

Man. Everyone wants a piece of my co-hosting action...AND he has a monkey. I can't compete with a MONKEY!

Jett Loe

I know - it's tough to compete with a cute monkey - and Thom's got great teeth - maybe we can use him to boost the sex appeal of the show - a male equivalent of Miss X?

Stay tuned Dear Listener to find out what happens.



WHERE did you find that link on my name? I haven't even read that . . . Bravo!

That picture was taken in the Dominican Republic by my wife on our honeymoon last October . . . the Monkey and I became fast friends, but our relationship was inhibited . . . I can't speak Spanish.

Jett Loe

Oh man - you're ruinin' your chances of being the Male Miss X - we can't know you're married - gotta keep the hetrosexual female listeners hooked!


What about those with a monkey fetish?

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