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April 06, 2006


Thom Brown, III

Oooo . . . pretty windows.


I give you LTA chapter 40, where Jett and Wayne do the show from a cherry-picker, going up and down outside the shiny new glass building. We'll stop off opposite different floors and look, give a commentary on what they see inside. Listen to Wayne do his Diet Coke ad impression.


Jett, that's such a great picture. I completely understand why you would prefer for the building to stay that way (toes crossed for you once again.)

And Alan, maybe you should start a collection to bribe Jett and Wayne to go with your show 40 idea.

Jett Loe

Yeah, I'm thinkin' Alan should start his own Podcast since he's got so many ideas...


Well, Mr Northern Ireland has to have some creative output ... but I think I'll stick to a backwater blog.



I really like this photo, and I would like to use it for a company brochure I'm creating. Would you allow me to use this image?

Please contact me.


Jett Loe

Hi Cynthia -
contact me via email:

[email protected]

to discuss.

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