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April 04, 2006



For Chrissakes, run away woman

You've probably just created a dozen stalkers for this poor lady.

Jett Loe

Yeah, maybe I should change the name of the show from 'Letter to America' to 'Letter from a Stalker...'

+ and yeah you know I've got photos of YOU Colm from the Irish Blog Awards...but I'll refrain from posting them just in case you get your own stalkeress... ;-)

Thom Brown, III

I've remained happily stalker-free . . . aaahhhh . . .

What . . .

I'm not GOOD enough for a stalker?

Hey, I could get a stalker!!

Shut up!!


Hey, everybody needs a stalker(ess). You're nobody without one.

Thom Brown, III

Screw you! I've got stakers too! THey're everywhere . . .

HEY, you at my door . . . Stop STALKING me!!

See, stalkers . . .

Thom Brown, III

I . . . I don't have any stalkers . . .


Thom - I'll sell you Wayne's address for $500.00.

Thom Brown, III

I say put it on eBay.


I had a stalkeress a few years ago. An X-Girlfiend use to park out front of my house and harass me as I would come home with a date. She eventually got better and then moved to Dubai, UAE. Not far enough away for me.
BTW, what is Ms. X's name and why is it beeped from the show? Enquiring minds and all that, ya' know.

Jett, I was 34 Hotel with the 10th out of Fort Drum many years ago. What unit were you with?

Thom Brown, III


Chapter 8 is a great Chapter . . . you should check it out. You know since you're "Fashioably Late" and all . . . Solid episode . . .


Hmm..not a bad idea.


Hey Brianf ('F' for 'Fashionably Late'). Not to discourage you but I think Jett might feel he's given away a little too much and probably won't respond to your question.

I've known him for awhile but I still don't know much about him (does that make sense?). Anyway, if you get an answer from him be sure to share it with me cuz even I don't know...

Thom Brown, III

Hey Wayne . . . I forgot to mention: You would like Chapter 8, too brother. It's right up your alley. It's a quality episode . . .

Thom Brown, III

It's all about white people dancing . . .


Oh and Phil...If you sell my address for $500 I think you would owe ME 10% of that. Wait...that's not fair, either...whatever.


OK, so Chapter #8 is a good show and now I know that ********* ********** is Ms. X but I still haven't figured out why her name is beeped out. Which chapter need I lsten to now to find out?
I see I may have to change the name I use to sign on here to,
"Brian Fashionably Late" or
"Brian the Fashionably Late" or
"Brian the Fashionably Late One".

Thom Brown, III

All right, all right . . . Here's the deal:

Phil and Wayne . . . you both give me $500 each, and I WON't post your addresses on the WWW . . . Deal?

Fair is fair.

Thom Brown, III

Don't worry, Jett . . . you'll get your taste . . .


My address is considered a matter of national security in the States. Doubting that you would even have it..but for conversation sake if you did, you would likely be put to death for treason.

Thom Brown, III

Pity . . .


This person looks REMARKABLY like your first wife, Jett. Except that she hasn't aged and you have...


Is that true, Jett? I've never seen pics of any of your wives...

Jett Loe

Yes, it is true, she does look v. much like my first wife. I would show you a picture Wayne but as you know all photographs of me with women, (including high-school sweethearts, etc.), were destroyed by you know who.

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