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April 30, 2006

Letter to America - Chapter 33 - Don't Lose The Fun Times

Wayne Ordinary American and Jett Loe

Oh, We Must Strive for Truth, it's Letter to America - Chapter 33 - Don't Lose The Fun Times!

In which Wayne Ordinary American praises Lucy Evangelista, Clements Coffee is drunk, we hector Irish-Americans to go to Imeall, hello is said to all the new folks on Frappr, Dangerous Men looks like a hell of a movie, Thom Brown III explains himself, Metafilter is bigged-up, and Jett Loe opens a Shop

All this and more on your "We Strive for Truth" Irish Podcast.

Link to the World Criminal Non-Commercial Archive


April 27, 2006

LTA Apparel and Other Goodies

Sittin' at the work station makin calls and sendin' emails lookin' for that cash money, baby

Hey there Dear Listeners, here I am thinking hard about this week's upcoming show.

I realised while doing this and drinking quite a large cup of coffee from Clements, my favourite coffee place here in town, that what I needed was my very own LTA Coffee Mug - and hell, why not wear an LTA Hoodie while doing the Show? 

And so, as if by magic, we here at Letter to America provide you with a few items such as these:

My money's on Wayne Ordinary Bear

Who knows what products will prove to be the people's favourite?  My money is on the Bear.

Click here for all the other Goodies!


April 26, 2006

Irish Podcast Security Camera Mania

Security Camera nestled amongst the branches in Botanic Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Yes, Dear Listener,  as seen previously in this post:

Security Cameras in Belfast

my obsession with security cameras here in Belfast continues.  This pic was taken the other day at Botanic Park in the Queens University 'Quarter' of Belfast.

Here's an interesting link:

Guide to CCTV Destruction

found in the comments section of this page:

Internationals Against Video Surveillance

If you are truly concerned about the loss of privacy those of us in the 'knowledge economy' seem to be suffering from I'm not sure that attacking CCTV Cams is the way to go.  A lot of people feel the same way as Damon does, (see his comments in the Security Cameras in Belfast post).  People feel safer with these things around.

As for myself - am more concerned about the digital traces and second-life we are creating online - I've put so much of myself on the Show for instance - the things I've said can never be put back into a bottle even if I take LTA off my server - they'll float around on people's PCs and iPods for years.  Short of changing my name again and disappearing, (don't worry W.A.Y.N.E. - I'll warn you first), what can be done?


April 25, 2006

Security Cameras in Belfast

Security Camera at the Belfast Waterfront, Belfast Northern Ireland

As keen observers of this Podcast website will have noticed I've become obsessed recently with the various lighting and security fixtures at the Belfast Waterfront.

Run Towards and Away

I Dream of Flight

I Fear For My Ex-Children

As Good As

Security Cameras are everywhere - our brains filter/tune them out - we do not consciously see them - what happens when they become networked and their feeds delivered to facial/body movement recognition systems?


April 23, 2006

Letter to America - Chapter 32 - Holywood

Jett Loe and Wayne Ordinary American in a photograph taken during their adventure in Holywood, Northern Ireland
Oh, Total Fusion of Life and Art, it's Letter to America - Chapter 32 - Holywood!

In which Wayne Ordinary American concentrates on driving, a visit is made to a Maypole, Music is played on Imeall, Cantonese Opera is sung, we say Hi to all the New Folks on Frappr, Holywood is full of glamour, Racing is watched at Ned's, a Movie is plugged, and Jett Loe works through his various crises. 

All this and more on your "Love is the Answer" Irish Northern Irish Podcast.

Link to the World Criminal Non-Commercial Archive


April 21, 2006

Harland and Wolff Cranes in Belfast

The famous Harland and Wolff cranes here in on a sunny day in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Hey there Dear Listener - this site has gotten far too morose recently - as evidenced by the photos below - an obvious result of listening to too much Boards of Canada.

To compensate I present the photograph above - the famous Harland and Wolff Cranes here in Belfast.  No website in Northern Ireland would be complete without a photo of them, and since LTA has also been to the Giant's Causeway I feel that my life tourist life in Belfast is almost complete and soon we can get to the real story.


April 20, 2006

Run Towards and Away

Run Towards and Away


April 18, 2006

I Dream of Flight

I Dream of Flight


April 17, 2006

I Fear For My Ex-Children

I Fear For My Ex-Children



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