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April 01, 2006


Robin Blandford

Is that the Harry Lime Theme Tune in opening? Jaysus, I learnt something during the Leaving Cert.


I knew there was something peculiar about that elevator.

Now, just for a minute, let's all do the bump.


The show didn't have segments, it had floors. Quite brilliant. (Could have used "Are You Being Served" as the theme music.)

Loved the idea of having guests waiting on different floors - not knowing if/when you'd come to them - perhaps early if someone else in the lift wanted to go there. Inspired.

Jett Loe

Hey there Robin - the music used in the opening is "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" - the music you're thinking of is a zither piece by Anton Karras.

And thanks for the kind words Alan - the show makes me wonder if we should go in the lift more if I can just get Wayne to speak into the mic...


Is the budget so bad that Wayne cannot be afforded his own mic?

Jett Loe

Oh we've got plenty of mics - it's just that Wayne kinda drifts off and forgets that he's on a'll notice that in this Chapter you can often hear the other people in the Lift more clearly...I don't know - we're gonna sort Wayne out for Chapter 30.


I do drift off. My Narcissis (sp?) complex leads me to believe that everyone can hear me via an echo-ey voice over effect. I promise to 'make love' to the mic from now on...


Wayne you sure don't sound like someone with a narcissistic complex.

By the way, Attenborough also directed Shadowlands. If you wanna see something slow/serious that deals with experiencing the pain that comes from truly loving (ok, it's a "chickflick"), you might like it (after all, your show is about life, love, everything!) Stars Sir Anthony Hopkins, Debra Winger and Joseph Mazzello (the little boy in Jurassic Park.) It's about C.S.Lewis. Mentioning it since you guys brought up Jurassic and Jett has listened to Narnia.

Jett Loe

Thanks for the recommendation Julie - I feel I should have watched Shadowlands as part of the whole 'Narnia Fever' experience!


I'm sorry Julie, but that description just gave me flashbacks to "Remains of the Day" - a movie I'd like to forget.


Well I’m sitting here wasting another unemployed Monday afternoon listening to LTA and I guess I have to explain that Mechanicsburg was in fact founded by a bunch of wagon mechanics back in the 1700’s.. You see it’s halfway between Harrisburg and Carlisle and apparently a lot of wagons broke down during the trip. I guess because of having to drive their wagons through Camp Hill to get to Carlisle and Camp Hill being an Army camp maybe they had to fight their way through and then have their wagons repaired in Mechanicsburg. Then again Camp Hill wasn’t founded until the mid 1800’s so none of that really matters. Ya’ know. Mechanicsburg was founded by a family named Finkenbinder so happily when they decided to make it an official town they called it Mechanicsburg rather than Finkenbinderburg, ville, town, etc.
I’m looking forward to when you are syndicated on CNN, Comedy Central and BET just so I can lean back on my chair and pronounce to all who care to listen. “Ha, I’ve been listening to them since episode #28. Oh, the lift skit……Yea, I remember that one.”

Brianf F for Fashionably Late


Thanks for the info, Brianf. I realize (in retrospect) that most towns are, in fact, named for a particular reason but I've never actually looked up any of said reasons. But I have to say Finkenbinderburg has a certain ring to it...


And Julie...unlike Jett, I HAVE seen Shadowlands. C.S. Lewis was a childhood hero of mine. (And yes, it IS a chick flick but that's OK cuz I'm in tune with my feminine side...meaning I'm married and for every chick flick there's an Adam Sandler movie to cleanse my palette...)


Phil, I'll get a defibrilator and keep it handy in case the flashback I caused you makes you go into arrest. (I'm such trash to inflict torture on you like that.)

And I only found LTA a week ago, too. That's why it's so cool that it's Podcast. I'm catching up on past episodes. So far I like Chp. 29 the best though.

Jett Loe

Hey Julie - just listen to the Irish Blog Awards and Love and Art - there's no way you wanna sit through Wayne and I waiting for a shirt to be returned at Mango in Chapter 14...

and if you have any questions about the show you can always email Thom Brown III at [email protected] - he knows the show better than anyone and is a nice guy to boot.

Thom Brown, III

Cheers, Jett . . . As self-proclaimed LTA scribe, I would like to make that invitation open to all its listeners . . . send me your queries, and if I don't know the answer, I'll make it up, I mean FIND it.
As to Cap 14, Jett, you mustn't compare your episodes! Part of LTA's magic is its growth we've all been privy to. It's like our HERITAGE! Don't knock it . . . Rome wasn't built in a day . . . and neither will LTA's empire.


And Happy Thirtieth, everyone!!

Thom Brown, III

(must PROOF my witty undertakings!)

Jefferson Davis

Damn, that's all I've got to say. Great show guys - best one yet. :-)

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