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April 04, 2006


Thom Brown, III

What IS that? A pocket translator?

Jett Loe

It's Russian - the Cybiko Wireless Inter-Tainment Computer Model CY415...ahead of its time.

Thom Brown, III

I'm googling it.

Thom Brown, III

Jett, are you a secret agent?


Jett is many things.

I have a feeling all secrets will be revealed very soon.


Jett, won't your dad have something to say about you auctioning off your soul? He didn't sound like someone I'd wanna piss off. I'll cross my toes for you that it works out for you. (I'd cross my fingers, but it'd make work awfully difficult for me.)

Jett Loe

Yeah, well Dad's always tryin' to get in my business - that guy should just chill out.

Jett Loe I'm sure we're all imagining what kind of work you do Julie...champion cross-bow marksman? welder? sushi chef?


I'm a sidewalk string-figure performer. That's right. I make my living sitting on a busy sidewalk, my hat turned over next to me for donations, and a loop of string in my hands with which I perform Jacob's Ladder, Cats Cradle, and other popular string figures. Sometimes I bring home as much as 87 cents and 3 pieces of lint. Yes, people give generously, and occasionally quite a crowd gathers. It's that exciting. (You see how hard that would be to do with crossed fingers?)


For clarity on what string figures are see:

Obviously when I do Cats Cradle I select a volunteer from my viewers to assist me.

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