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April 17, 2006



Glad to see the podcast...was wondering all weekend if everything was ok...must get a life... :-) Keith

Thom Brown, III

Almost in RESPONSE, it seems, to my previous plea for a return to the "Golden-Age" of LTA with all its tension and intrigue . . . XXXI had PLENTY of the sex we've all been missing lately . . .

Wayne, you've done it AGAIN!! During your NI Story of the Week, you've been waxing quite poetic recently . . . It's been delightful!

Jett you were good too . . .

Thom Brown, III


I want to host a show with WAYNE ORDINARY AMERICAN . . . wha'dya say, Jett?!


Yes, I have been waxing philisophical lately--thank you for noticing Thom.

Keith, your life is quite complete when you listen to LTA.

Thom Brown, III

True that . . . Too much LTA? Ain't no such thing . . .


Dont they have hen parties in america, wait for the theme tune.


Never thought of it that way Wayne. Guess you are right. Who would have thought that Wayne and Jett would become Messiahs of podcasting.

Alleluia. Pass the wine...


Jett Loe

Thom - I've got Wayne signed up tight - he's not going anywhere...

Devin Salinger


Your quest for the answer to love v sex should not be so final. The reality of the situation is that both are important. The love of a good woman does not rule out dog-nasty sex. Actually, dog-nasty Kim Bassinger sex can be much more enjoyable with a real loving woman. This is the general order in how to go about it. Friends first. Then sex with said friend. If it is good and you are still friends, yippy. If it sucks and you made an ass out of yourself and you are still friends, well, no harm no foul. Then you have to be able to actually deal with the person always being around without getting annoyed. That can be tricky. Right. So, good luck on your quest and be careful of the sluts. You don't want the herpagonnasyphilaids.


little by little, we learn more about the elusive Jets√ľn...military background, run-ins with the law, Richmond High School, famous/infamous mother, assumed names...what a picture this all draws!

Did the Echelon guy ever catch up to you?


RIP Glen. or, whatever the Buddhists would say to wish you well on your continuing journey...


Fixer - My theory was that "Jett Loe" was derived strictly from his military background. The military uses abbreviations and acronyms for everything. "Jett" is the military abbreviation for "jettison" and "LOE" is an acronym of "Level Of Energy". It was then that Jett went deep years later in Belfast.


Jett was an abbreviation for "to leave", when I was was in and LOE was either Level of Engagement or Lateral Offensive Engagement. Our platoon used the motto,
"Go Early, Go Ugly"

OK, enough old Army stuff, I've gotta' jett.

Brian, Fashionably Late


Maybe "Jett Loe" stands for "Jett Loe".





Do you always walk around in a suit and sunglasses? If so, thats pretty pimptastic (and, perhaps, explains why you live in margarita plaza.) If not, maybe you should try it.


Jett is a very dapper dresser. Maybe not always a suit and sunglasses but always a suit or sunglasses...and when I'm next to him dressed in denim and flannel he's quite a picture of 'Dude-ness'.


WOA, especially in your CSU sweatshirt. You are stylin'!

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