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April 23, 2006



Sorry guys. 15 minutes does not a roadtrip make. Now a flight to New York and car to Kansas is a road trip. Good stuff anyway, keep it up!


Jama, have you ever driven through Belfast in a Punto? I promise you 15 minutes is more than enough...maybe even on par to a road trip from New York to Kansas. (OK...maybe not--but harrowing nonetheless.)

Jefferson Davis

Wayne, are you going to let Jett talk about your car like that? :-)


I am beginning to wonder if Jett & Wayne's friendship was not formed merely for Jett's transportation convenience.

Jefferson Davis

I ponder that same question Phil...


I did like Wayne's slip of the tongue around the eaterie being "fi-fi" rather than "shi-shi" (Don't know how any of them should be spelt!). Perhaps you could start driving round the North looking for hangouts that are well and truly "fi-fi"???


What does "fi-fi" mean exactly? Am I missing something here?

Jett Loe



yep...that looks about right...did think when I was typing it that it loked a bit too much like sushi. I think fi-fi could be the cafes/clubs that try to be ""chi-chi but just don't get there... Lame idea...that's why I've never got the job in the creative department.


Then what is "foo foo". I have always heard that term used.


Oh my god, where is this conversation going? That's "Frou-frou" Phil.
1.) Fussy or showy dress or ornamentation.
2.) A rustling sound, as of silk.


Wasn't Foo Foo the name of a Little Bunny?


Yes - my mistake. Thanks for the clarification, Jama.

I'm going to go clap on the flicker..crap on the on the frapper.

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