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April 11, 2006



When the Irish use the back of the hand, does that mean "no hard feelings"?


Real funny. I miss clements at botanic. I would normally be found in the empire instead cos I know i will get a seat in the evening after a hard day slaving away killing brain cells and trying my best to stay awake.

Jett Loe

I like your photos Phil, (Phil No. 2), I recommend everybody head over to Iced Coffee to check out some cool pics of Belfast Town.


First you were asked to stop taking photos in Clements Botanic and now you've been slapped by the help.

Does this mean you're now officially banned or will I have to go in and buy your coffee for you from now on?

Thom Brown, III

Dude, just watched the video . . . dude, she rocked you're world . . .


heheheheeee you've been tangoed/happy-slapped!

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