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May 08, 2006


Conn O Muineachain

Great picture guys! Wayne's pose makes you want to look for the flag. Took me a while to spot it! ;-)

Jett Loe

Wayne is v. patriotic...


WHEN? When on Monday?!?! *sigh* I've been refreshing all the livelong day and nothing yet. You teases!

Jett Loe

It would be up now but this flu thing is killin' me...and hey Fifi - the Sun is shining - you should be outdoors in the park!

Jefferson Davis

Jett, looking forward to the upcoming Chapter. I may not alway's agree with what you say, especially the "Fat Ass Irish-American" bit, but I alway's feel compelled to listen to the next chapter, to find out what the hell you'll say next. LOL By the way, I ony weigh 135 pounds, which is considered skinny in these parts. :-)

Hope you get over the flu soon...

Oh, I'll be seeing you all in about three weeks. I can't wait to get on the plane, and get the hell out of dodge, but I've got a few engagements to fullfill before I leave.


I always thought of Wayne as more a young Donald Pleasance.

Jett Loe

Yeah, but the Donald Pleasance from Dr. Crippen or from Fantastic Voyage? (and come to think of it he was in THX-1138 too!)


Come on Jett! that flu is ravaging your brain..the 1138 version...


"Wake up Wayne. Jett says it's time to do another podcast."


Hey dude. On my work PC iTunes (windows) hasn't automatically downloaded the latest Ep. Have you been fucking with the feeds again?

Jett Loe

Hmmm...I'll look into it Paul - it does seem like the feed hasn't updated, please don't swear, it's a fucking family show.

Alan in Belfast

Worked ok last night from iTunes. Got a double dose to start the week. LTA 33 on the way to Downpatrick courthouse yesterday, and 34 on the way in to work this morning.


Wayne's dispatch really echoed a lot of my feelings. ya know what was one of the first things I did when I got back to LA? Had a carne asada burrito and an IBC root beer.

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