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May 13, 2006


Alan in Belfast

Wayne! How could you just sit and read one of Jett's books when one of your idols is standing right beside you.

Jett Loe

Wow...I had no idea Aislinn was one of Wayne's idols...where do you get all this inside info Alan?


Is that a Walther P88 she is holding?

Jett Loe

The P88 Compact.

Alan in Belfast

I got it wrong. Fallible Mr Northern Ireland assumed that she was Sonia or Ms X.

But it still seems rude for Wayne to be reading in the presence of a guest.


I wasn't reading so much as trying to distract myself from the gun. I don't like guns and Gore Vidal gave the perfect distraction. The question is why Jett is looking at an alarm clock...


The question is why Jett is looking at an alarm clock...

Uh, because time is running out?
'cause it's the right time?
'cause he's late?
or maybe just 'cause he wants' to?

Alan in Belfast

Maybe he had time on his hands.

Jett Loe

Oooffhhhh...everybody's a comedian...

And to be fair to you Alan - Sonia Butterworth is a red-head, and Miss X has been one too, from time to time - so mistaking Aislinn for them is understandable.

Jefferson Davis

Hmm, Redheads... :-) Jett, if I didn't know better, I would say you might be converting to strawberry. LOL

Just kiddin buddy


I hope there was some celebratory gunfire for the 35th Chapter.

Mark Queens Radio

This lovely lady looks suspiciously like our own Aislinn, are you poaching her?

Jett Loe

Boy, I hope she's not under contract to you guys is she? I haven't heard her show on Queens Radio but as Wayne will be the first to tell you she was pretty fiesty on LTA.

Jefferson Davis

Illuminating, yet heartfelt chapter of LTA


Oh jett, you silly, silly boy.

Jett Loe

What's wrong with you Wcbhoy - the show was illuminating, yet heartfelt...


While I haven't listened to the show yet, I do hope to catch up on my reading.

Alan in Belfast

It's like listening to random shuffle on paragraphs rather than songs. And because they're all read at a similar pace with the same voice, they nicely merge into one another. Nice piece of editing.

It could well be art - might even qualify for the Turner Prize next year.

Though there is a good quote 6 minutes 30 seconds in to the podcast: "Do not read so much - look about you - and think of what you see there." Surely good advice to Jett for next week.


I liked the "do not read so much" quote as well, as that is sort of how I live my life...however....

While I'm not sure whether this latest chapter was intended to be more topical of some of the running themes in LTA (ie, reading "that's life" - for the ladies, themes of "change", of art, love, humor, auditory stimuli, etc.) here is what I got out of it:

criminal intimidation.
malfunctioning / hidden files.
advertising (tip o' the hat to wayne?) and it's manipulation of the public.
false prophets.

There are some very dark undertones to this podcast, if you ask me.

Alan in Belfast

It was definitely seeded and far from being randomly chosen - must have been stuff that Jett found interesting. (Do you mind us talking about you like you're not listening?) I'm only half way through the shorter-than-usual podcast, but I find myself listening more intently than normal.

So no more radio ads for "The Drifters are coming to Belfast" - time to hunt through Media Guardian next Monday for a job reading out speaking-books.


Boo hiss. And, in fact, aaargh! I can't download the file directly and for some reason it won't load in my iTunes either. Haven't encountered this problem before, but I'm not very happy about it :( Am I doing something stupid? Has it been withdrawn for controversial reasons? Is it an anti-Mac thing?

Jett Loe

Hey there Fifi - we're got no probs with the Mac here at LTA - in fact the show's produced on a Powermac 15", (oh man would looooove to get my hands on one of those new MacbookPros..)

Anyway - there's no problem here on our side as far as I know - should download fine.


Well I'm glad there are no problems on your side, but still can't get Chap 35. I feel major withdrawals coming on. Perhaps so many people are trying to get it at once that it's become congested?!?!

(I like the cut of the Macbook Pro as well, but can't complain about my G5 Tiger ;-))

Mark Queens Radio

She's a free agent man, and yeah, that kitten has claws!


Umm...thanks Mark (I think) anyway Jett I like Fifi can't get this episode on my ibook. Whats up with this?

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