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May 02, 2006



Hrmm. I'd think, judging by the state of the sidewalks (translated into american for you there!) that the residents enter at their own risk, never mind the ladies of the night!

Jett Loe

Yeah, am not sure what the deal is with all that stuff on the 'pavement' - I think there was a collection for some sort of bonfire thing. Perhaps our resident Mr. Northern Ireland Alan in Belfast will have something to say about it.

Jefferson Davis

Someone went dumpster diving whilst the others were spray painting. :-)

Ryan Rebensdorf

What a nice guy Jett. Always giving a smile and a hello. watch out, bachelor of the year! just playing. Them spray painting signs "prostitutes keep out" Is almost like here in california we have those "minutemen" at our borders thinking "illegal's keep out." We all have our own battles but it's nice when someone comes along and is sincere. (wow, did i just do an ending to a show dear listener's?) anyway, take care all!


Jett, you do know what a "quick buck" means in Belfast lingo, don't you?

I'm down in that direction every now and again. Sad to say that the area can be quite hostile from time to time. For the benefit of your readers, the huge pile of crap is being accumulated for one of our 'cool' traditional bonfires. Yipee!

Jett Loe

Please enlighten us as to what 'quick buck' means - cause we're all about the learning here at LTA! :-)

And thanks for the info on the bonfires - will try to document with photos and interview the locals.


I have a guess as to what 'quick buck' means...but I'm not entirely sure either. (Maybe my mind is in the gutter on this one...maybe not...)


Yeah, I saw the graffiti earlier in the week. Goes with the territory unfortunately, and it's not the first time the local spray-can wielding literary types have addressed this issue. Good to see that they didn't embarrass themselves with an apostrophe s, although I notice that on the right hand set of text they had to put the S of PROSTITUTES around the corner, and that must have been very aesthetically disappointing.

Re. the bonfire, there actually wasn't one there last year for a change. Looks like this year will be different (note to self: make travel plans for the 12th fortnight). The annual gathering of rubbish is common to many areas of the city at this time of the year.

The word "buck" in this context means exactly what you imagine it to mean, btw. Not entirely sure of the etymology; I always assumed it was just a substitute for shy people from these parts that didn't like saying fuck. I may be wrong.


Now excuse me for being a Pennsylvania boy but as far as every thing I've been taught a, "buck", is a male deer. Ya' see as long as I've been alive, BUCK season starts the Monday after Thanksgiving. Damn it's almost a PA state holiday.
Now, a quick buck to me may very well mean a deer taken before 0700 or maybe a dollar made without a hassel.
Hell if I know.
But, then again I live in PA and not N.I. and as far I know yous' guys' in N.I. are not allowed to hunt nor own a gun.

Ya' see I don't need to ask the kinG for permission!!!

Brian, Fashionably Late

Stephen Barnes

Well, if this is just around from Jett's flat, its probably the Markets area. Anyone who knows their history and politics that the Markets is not the kind of area which builds bonfires on the 12th July! I guess it's just a stinkin hole..... (biased against it, as the only time I've ever had my car broken into was just there)

As for 'buck', it has a number of meanings here in Norn Iron. One of which is used as a prefix to "eejit", to describe someone who is even more of an "eejit" than a normal "eejit".

Finally, that reminds me of an NI joke. What do you call a Belfast Man in the future? Buck Eejit in the 25th Century.

I'll get my coat.


Brianf - In N.I. I believe killing people is considered more sporting.


It's not the Markets, that's down at the bottom of the Ormeau Road. No, this is just off Ormeau Avenue, behind the Ormeau Baths Gallery. They are big bonfire fans in that estate.

And it should be pointed out to non-Belfast readers that the area in question - where the prostitutes do their, um, prostituting - is no more than a couple of badly-lit streets. Jett's claim to live in "the heart of Belfast's Red Light district" - which, sure, sounds kind of racy and Amsterdam-y, a little dangerous perhaps - is more than a little misleading. It's predominately a business district, with a lot of recent up-market apartment developments, the aforementioned and soon to be reopened OBG, an award-winning Japanese restaurant, the BBC and other assorted production houses, music venues, bars, I could go on. Hell, there's even a Holiday Inn.

That was a long paragraph, but my point is that the area is hardly pre-Disney 42nd Street. Just to set the above photo in some sort of context.

As for the language thing, there's a handy Norn Iron dictionary here:


We have seen the same phenomenon in Atlanta. Atlanta is a fairly dangerous town in it's own right, and there has been a recent turnabout in certain segments of town that have seen revitalization with renovated homes, new restaurants, art galleries, etc.

That said, 90% of Atlantans would not want to live there, or walk the streets at night.

Jett Loe

J - I appreciate your comments - but ya know I live here - and lady friends of mine don't like walking around in this area after dark cause they get propositioned by the Johns - and if ya don't believe me please feel free to come over one evenin' and we'll go out for a stroll...
all that being said - you're right: it's not like Amsterdam.

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