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May 09, 2006



That does it! I'm going to Mechanicsburg, PA! It seems that is the new, hip place to be!

Jett Loe

Hmmmm....maybe so. I think we need a revamp on the LTA stuff - too many words on the shirt. The feedback I've been getting says the best catchphrase is "We Live In Belfast So You Don't Have To."


I don't know, if I was an LTA sweatshirt relaxing at Grampa's Growler in beautiful downtown Mechanicsburg, PA enjoying an All Natural Native Full Flavored soft pack smoke and a chilly pint of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and if I ordered a can of Red Bull then I would have ordered a shot of...........
but hey, that's just me, ya' know.

Brian, Fashionably Late

Jett Loe

Jagermiester...oh my god - the only drink I've ever 'officially' poisoned myself with...

Jefferson Davis

Yes, even I have defiled myself with Jagermiester. LOL...

However, my favorite drink would have to be Grey Goose Vodka and Cranberry Juice. Yeah, it's a simple drink, but it'll fuck you up in a hurry. :-)


Yes, it's Jagermeister. A half a can of Red Bull and a shot of Jagermeister is referred to as a "Jager-bomb". It is very tasty and just a few of them will make sure you'll drive home, 'cause you won't be able to walk.

I agree the best catch phrase is "We live in Belfast so you don't have to".
Oh and I usually stick to a beer or two but I do like Bombay Sapphire Gin on the rocks.


Any shot with the word "bomb" in it is going to be bad.

Yes, Jett, perhaps you should change the shirts, making that one an instant collector's item.


Hey Wayne, regarding Mechanicsburg, think Grand Junction, minus the glamour.

mmmmmmmm, jager.


Grand Junction MINUS the glamour...? Now that I gotta see.

Devin Salinger

Grand Junction was the most depressing town I have ever lived in. I had to bail in less than 2 months from fear of losing my already unstable faith in human existence. I don't think I could even imagine something less glamourous. I feel for you, man.

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