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June 19, 2006


Jimmy Porter

I hate hen parties, they are full of size 14 women in size 8 dresses.

Jett Loe

Jeez Jimmy - who are you, Brad Pitt? Man. All women and men are beautiful here at LTA.


Jett, Why not put up both the edited version and the "Special Long Version"?


I could certainly get down with those women.


When when when?

Jefferson Davis

I would say something, but I would just get myself in more trouble, so I'll pass...


What? That you have already scored with one of those women?


what does it matter if its over two hours? this should just be a special edition LTA! that party looks great. wish i was there!

Jefferson Davis


No, because I'm already in trouble with a Northern Irish woman for running my mouth. Never kiss and tell bro...

Jett Loe

Thanks for the positive message Anna - but 2 hours was just too much - and yeah we had a good time when taping the episode - don't forget, if you're ever in Belfast stop by and say hello!


Hey, that was the longest podcast I've ever heard... but I liked it! The feature should soon become the 'super-feature'. Is Jett Loe real or is JL just a stage name... the mystery continues!

Rob L, Glasgow

Great show! Especially like the bit where Jett asks whether the ball is actually called a ball...

Keep up the good work. I think this should be the first in a series of segments where you guys get involved in things you're not actually interested in!

Jett Loe

That's a good idea Rob - I'll leave it to Wayne to come up with something that bores us both to tears, then we'll IMMERSE ourselves in it.


Bored to tears!?! How about Cricket? Here's a game that is played for 5 days straight and then nobody wins!

Thom Brown, III

Um . . . did anyone else almost cry when Jett Feaux-cancelled the show?

Phew . . . lil' misty!

HAPPY 40th!!!!!

(Jett, you're a bastard! Never do that again . . .)


hen parties, chavs, football think I used to admire the UK as an intellectually stimulating enviroment!


Rico - both. or neither.


Damn me for not downloading this one earlier. Anyhoo, its on the way down right now.

As for Hen parties, they are a most wonderous creation, and in my younger (less married) days there were rich pickings to be had in such places.

Jefferson - true words, my man - kiss and tell is a dangerous business, best to keep well clear.

Thom Brown, III

So . . . so, uh, no one else wept wept for LTA like one would weep for a friend departed . . . oh.

C'mon! Was I the only ONE?!


LTA Trivia (Thom, give others a chance to answer) -

Chapter 40 now holds the record for longest edited chapter.

What chapter previously held the record before being edited, and the original, unedited version still remains the longest chapter to date?


More N Ireland, more Jett... and more WOA!!!!!


The answer was: chapter 10


t break
is it
can I
One >>>>>>>>........
about hen informed me.............

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