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June 12, 2006


Jefferson Davis

Yikes, you guys are taking up my bad habbits. :-) Is that a pack of Marlboro Lights I see on the table?


Jett, I'm NEVER letting you take another picture of me without my hat on. I mean, it's obvious that my hair blinked!

(Dear Listeners, I'm not as bald as I look in this shot. Most of my hair is flesh colored and doesn't show up properly when photographed. Trust me, I have flowing locks of thick luscious locks. Trust me... TRUST ME!!!)


Forget the about some pigmentation? Jett's legs haven't seen ultra-violet rays in several years it seems.


Yes Phil! I believe it's been about 2 years since Jett has seen the sun.

Also I meant to say that I have flowing 'strands of thick luscious locks'. Not 'flowing locks of thick luscious locks'... that makes no sense whatsoever.


Auto download in iTunes didn't work. Is it me?


Update Podcast working for me right now. (too impatient to wait for my auto this afternoon)


PJ - try hitting the "update" button in the top right of your iTunes screen.

Jett Loe

I've noticed that it can up to 2 days (!) for the Podcast to update in iTunes...


I got it this morning (the podcast that is) on iTunes after I hit the update button. I've had trouble before but this one downloaded right away...

Daddy Dave

Wayne - you mean that this time you will actually download AND listen to the podcast this time. Jett - you gotta check up on WOA next week.


Terry Bradley has a lot of stuff on show/sale in Canvas on the Stranmillis Road (opposite Stranmillis Clements), if you fancy a cringefest.



Let's not go crazy here, Dave.

Wayne will get around to listening when he has time.

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