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June 25, 2006



Monday?? Probably??? I think the listeners want answers, Jett.

When is this thing going live?


(just updating...ignore me...)

Jefferson Davis

That is an awe-inspiring poster Jett. I especially like how you blended the LTA in with the leaves.

Jimmy Porter

That looks like sailor town to me.

Did you boys get yourself a couple of sailors?


Wow - that teaser has bought you another 24 hrs to post the podcast.

Thom Brown, III

Can't . . . stand . . . waiting . . . must have . . . FIX . . . Gimmie, gimmie, gimme!


Soon, Thom.


Thom Brown, III

I'm a-hankerin,' Wayne!


Was the secret message thing that Diplomatic Immunity Girl called you Alex?

Thom Brown, III

oops . . .


Hey Jett & crew,

Remember me? Fangirl #2? Wouldn't be surprised if not - I've been a lazy slacker for a few months and haven't been keeping up with LTA. Really, how did I get up in the morning and have strength to continue without my weekly fix of Jett's insanity?

I just wanted say I'm back and am going to fight my way into the loop again. You've made some ridiculous amount of episodes while I wasn't looking and I'll go through them in time, but for now I vow to keep up with your latest ones. Starting with this one. Bangor doesn't sound that interesting, but it was nice to hear the kind voice of the Translink woman again. How I've missed her. The last time we met was on a train from London to Gatwick. She gets around.

I'm back in your hometown of lovely San Francisco to spend another summer growing soft and losing my steely edge. Hope you & all the LTA groupies are well.

Seeing the length of this, maybe it should've been an email. Ah well, it's too late. My cursor's already at the "Post" button.

- Jenny

Jefferson Davis

Hi Jenny, I was asking Jett a few weeks ago, what happened to you. Glad to know you are doing well...


Woo, I am not forgotten! God bless you Jefferson Davis, you and your crazy southern accent both!

Jefferson Davis

You know I revel in the fact that I sound just like President Bush. :-) If ya really want a good laugh, listen to Chapter 38. My crazy southern accent was in full swing on that Chapter. :-)


Gettin there, gettin there. I'm on 31 now.

Ryan Rebensdorf

ALex now? WTF?


Jett, Went all the way out to Bangor and didn't see Allan Gildea? Or was he the mysterious unnamed man?


It sounds like you are the key-master living in a dungeon.


Me? Nah, Im just a TB3 wannabe.




Sorry Matt - I meant to direct that to sounds like his flat has several medieval style locks on the door and that he has a ring with about 30 keys on it.

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