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June 29, 2006


Rob L, Glasgow

Is this the first time you've come across this sort of thing?

I've only visited N.Ireland a few times, but have encountered similar "uncomfortable" situations before. To me there's an atmosphere in the air the whole time, but it may be imagined.

Glasgow suffers similarly (but to a lesser extent) - due to the Celtic v Rangers factor - and I've grown up avoiding it and steering clear of trouble.

Enjoyed chapter 41 by the way :)


All things old are new again.

I still say they are just building a huge city based on rubble.

matt(in colorado on frapper)

Jet I enjoy listening to your show every week but I would really enjoy if somtime soon you would play the segment "what does A muslim think?" I know you said that you would play that soon sometime in april could you just email me the segment if you arn't going to put it on the show?


Take a look out on the old dock yards behind the Odyssey... I had some small involvement in what's going on there right now, which is not necessarily a good thing to say... also the odd fenian bastards roaming around as well...


Alan in Belfast

Look around the back of the Odyssey and you'll proably find a Tall Ship!

Thom Brown, III

Dude, Jett . . . V-Ger?! Nice Star Trek splice!


Jefferson Davis

Rob, I was in Belfast for four days, walked everywhere, and I never felt any animosity towards me. Of course, I didn't walk through the neighborhoods, for I'm not that brave or stupid. :-)

Sorry to hear ya got caught up in a scuffle Jett. I probably wouldn't of been able to keep my cool. Bottle throwing doesn't fly with me. Keep cool man...


the thing about these kids is that they are untouchable, and they know it. A gang of these street rats where vandalising my car recently in front of my house. I told them to shift, to which they said , why what the fuck are you going to do about it, eight year olds, and they were right, there wasnt a thing i could do.


You need a good whacking-stick of your own, Mr. X.

I would not hesitate to smack one who vandalized my car (assuming "telling their parents" is not a viable option).


phil, seriously the parents would invite the local heavies to beat you up, then they would burn your house then they would get legal aid to sue your ass, believe me they are untouchable


This story along with the photos paints an interesting picture. I know next to nothing about Belfast's history but it seems to me that the focus is misguided. Perhaps first there should be a re-conditioning of attitude, as clearly hate is still being taught. Perhaps also, or at least to me it seems symbolic of a break down of basic humanity when small children feel such intense acrimony toward another human. Again, I am naive and cannot speak from experience but I found this post very sad.


mrx - yeah...but at least you'd have the satisfaction of having really whacked one of those buggers.

Jett Loe

Matt in Colorado - stay tuned for Chapter 44 - Yes But What Does a Muslim Think?

Jett Loe

Thom - not sure what you mean re: V-Ger splice.

Jett Loe

Phil = No satisfaction to be felt when YOU'RE DEAD.

Jett Loe

Alan = Yep, it'll be the Tall Ships tomorrow.

Alan in Belfast

We had a clamber over the Zebu (parked right behind the Odyssey) this morning. Lots of fun. You'll have a whale of a time.


Maybe it was the commenters on Slugger on a day out ;-)

Davey Monroe

Jett, You know what. If you don't like it fuck off back to America ! This is our country and wankers like you coming over here to make fun of us doesn't bloody help.

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