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June 16, 2006



Does he have a cure for the fever?


The fever appears to be incurable. I work in an office of people, and the disease appears to be contagious.


Not here. Americans, I believe, receive innoculations at birth, so as not to get the fever.


That's no 'gentleman' (in the photo) - that's an owl in a pea-green suit!

Alan in Belfast

Could the fever be so severe that the subject of the world cup won't be mentioned - for fear of relapse?


Phil - the difference between Americans and the English/Europeans ....

Americans receive innoculations at birth, and then receive continual mis-information on what "Football" actually means.

(and I'm sat here watching the USA playing the world cup????)

Jefferson Davis

Yes Dave, you are correct, except that mis-information is the No. 1 game in America. It comes before anything else...


Well the fever has got me held tightly in its vice-like the extent that I've been blogging the tournament for the last 9 days:

Some fabulous stuff so far (particularly from Argentina) but I'm afraid I found the US's overly 'muscular' style tonight a bit of a turn off.

Looking forward to the knock-out stages as most of the 'big guns' should be there (unlike 4 years ago).

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