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July 01, 2006



Nice pics. I like LOL man at the top. He doesn't look like he's about to LOL.

These past few days I've listened to ALL the LTA I missed - 12 or so episodes. That's right, I'm officially an LTA Completist. You're going to be ringing in my ears for weeks, Jett.

Jett Loe

Wow Jenny - that takes some kind of crazy commitment - welcome back to the fold!


The marching period is a series of commemorations mostly relevant to the Williamite war and the removal of the Catholic James II from the throne. Most of the smaller parades are to commemorate smaller victories over history (the Siege of Derry for example), or particular heroes, but the most important celebration falls on the 12th of July, which celebrates the 'protestant victory' at the Battle of the Boyne, a turning point for the eventual removal of James, and eventually a more complete Protestant rule in Ireland, and particularly the province of Ulster and Northern Ireland.

It is seen as a great source of controversy as history remembers it as a great battle between Protestants and Catholics, which is in fact fiercely incorrect. The 'protestant' side, lead by William III (you may hear him referred to as King Billy - most larger parades will be lead by a man dressed as him, on a white horse) was heavily made up of Irish Catholics, and infantry William brought with him from Denmark and the Netherlands.

It may just be my own experience of communicating with members of the Orange Order (my father is quite high in the ranks), but the version of events that the parades celebrate seem to be far removed from the historical record of an inexpertly fought battle, in order to present an air of grandeur.


Oh, and LOL stands for Loyal Orange Lodge, a particualar group of Orangemen, usually grouped by proximity or attendance at a particular lodge, each of which have a number.

hurdy gurdy man

"If any listener to the Podcast, or reader of this weblog can let us here at LTA know what's going on it would be much appreciated."

Oh dear...that's asking for trouble.

That said, I reckon Andy (above) has given a commendably objective account. Though someone's bound to disagree...


Jett you are a brave one. Us young 'uns see lol and think something else altogether...(just kidding ;0))

Jett Loe

Yep, I'm an old, old man...

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