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July 13, 2006



Since it is already Thursday, and it looks like ch 43 is going to leak into Friday...will this somehow alter the time-space continuum since last week's podcast might become next week's?


Maybe this will take LTA to a new level - chapter 44 being released before chapter 43. A whole new twist in the Wayne/Jett talking to themselves in the future routine.

Brings back terrible memories of the BBC1 show Crime Traveller from the late 1990s.


Come on Jett, do you honestly think that you could keep LTA under thirty minutes...?


Jett Loe

Am going to try with Chapter 44 - Yes, But What Does a Muslim Think?

We'll see.


Then I'm convinced - with ch 43 crossing it's own natural boundaries, leading into the infamous "Yes, but what does a muslim think?" there will most certainly be some kind of worm-hole created that may destroy our very existence. The world won't be able to take it.


Our only hope is to bounce a graviton particle beam off the main deflector dish.


Either that, or have Wayne steal that DeLorean that's in the Ulster museum and convert it into a time machine.

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