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July 14, 2006


Alan in Belfast

I'm hoping that iTunes has it downloaded in the morning ready for my weekly getting-baby-daughter-to-sleep-in-the-pram walk ...

Will I be disappointed in the morning?

Will I still be biting my finger nails wondering how well the date went? (Or how badly?)

But now that Wayne's a Rev, I'm sure he'd do your next wedding for free!

Jett Loe

I'm afraid it won't be up today.

Letter to America has gotta be shorter - maybe I'll release the 2-Hour version of this Chapter someday but for now I'm trying to wrestle it down to 50min.


Jett, you really should be spending less time posting on here, more time on getting LTA 43 onto the net ....

Or, and I hate to even think of this, maybe you should just drop back to doing a "pseudo-normal blog". Sure, we all love listening in to your weekly/bi-weekly/whenever podcasts, but if you just ain't having the time any more, then maybe its time to reconsider?

All the best, Dave


Jett, just do your thang, man. I have faith in you....

Jefferson Davis

Damn Jett, are you ever going to publish Chapter 43, or are you just messing with us? :-)


Give the man his time... you can't rush an artist.

(oh, and Jett, this had better be one *sweet* episode...)


Thom Brown, III

What gives?!

No LTA is like no AIR!!!

Tomorrow's my b-day . . . Don't ruin it, Jett . . .

or else . . .


Rich Bachea

Ah... its all over... no podcast, no host, no go. I thought this was a bud about to burst, the birth of 'The Jett Loe Show'... but no!

So what are you doing that dominates this greater being?

Ryan Rebensdorf

what is really going on here? Damn, it's like TBIII said "no LTA is like no air!!"
seriously Jett, put 43 up!

Thom Brown, III

sometimes I hear Jett's voice in my sleep . . . those are just dreams . . . right?

Jett Loe

Thom - Happy Birthday - but am afraid it looks like Chapter 43 won't be going up till Thursday Evening now.

Jefferson Davis

Jett, I've had two friends curse me, because they haven't had there LTA fix. They think I have some kind of inside line to the show. Dude, hurry up! :-)

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