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July 26, 2006



"Mmmm...building tasty...just right blend of re-bar and concrete"


And, where are the pictures of the nuns?


Great site! Its great to get a view point on the inside of Northern Ireland from someone on the outside...

I have added a link to your site from my own! I was wondering if you could help out a person from Northern Ireland by adding a link to my site from yours?

Keep up the good work!


Ryan Rebensdorf

where's the new episode???


Hey Jett! Is that the building they knocked down on the Dublin Road by any chance? If it is - coincidence - I blogged about the Chinese takeaway that used to be there a week or so ago!

Jett Loe

Yes Mr. Levee that is the Ho Ho...oddly enough my photo of the Ho Ho:

was the very first pic I took with my new camera back in the day!

Jett Loe

Hi Allen - will take a look at your site - cheers for linking! + Ryan - the new Ep. should be up this weekend.

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