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July 03, 2006



From Google Maps

Alan in Belfast

The "brutalist, desolate, empty, decaying" building in Shaftsbury square sounds like what was left of the old Social Security office - where I did my work experience.

A week of sorting out the stationery office, and putting away paper files while the staff were on industrial action and not working at the counters downstairs. Instead they helped out the most urgent cases on the back fire escape! They had a snooker table in the coffee room upstairs - that's probably still trapped inside the wreck of a building.

(The other half of the building was renovated, extended upwards, and is home to the Equality Commission.)

I enjoyed Jett's Walking Holiday in Belfast. Nice to hear your thoughts about the city we take for granted.

Jett Loe

Hey Alan - I like the idea of Walking Tours - maybe not again for LTA but for other stuff.

Tomorrow I'm walking to the office and will play the show - to see what kind of mental effect is created by having myself as company.



I used to give commentary on those silly little zoo trains, talking about the animals we'd drive by. It does get old. Eventually you become bitter and sarcastic and just enjoy messing with people. For some reason no one expects someone riding a silly little zoo train to be bitter and sarcastic.

Oh, and nice podcast. Someday I'd love to read The Unabridged Jett Loe. Why don't you change all the names and market it as fiction?


Hi Jett. Really enjoyed your Monday morning commute... it covered much of my old walk to work, although being less inclined to be a pioneering city centre inhabitant, I used to make the thirty minute walk in the opposite direction, from my little attic room in Stranmillis to an office tucked away a few blocks north of Margarita Plaza on James Street South. I never had any problems with them fenian tykes, but sure did get wound up always side stepping your colleagues hiding inside tents with one way mirrors filming for Just for Laughs. And now I live in Montréal, and I have to side step the Canadian JFL production crew every time I walk to the metro. For some reason they're a little easier to spot. They just don't have the NI talent for hiding in bushes.


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