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July 28, 2006


Jimmy Porter

When (and where) can I see this milestone in Northern Ireland film?

I haven't seen a locally produced film since the most fertile man in Ireland.. For that reason I tend to stay away from Northern Irish film.

Jefferson Davis

Fantabulous Trailer Jett... Kudoos to you, Allan Gildea, Mr. Estevez, and Mr. Marcus Valentine. :-) When wil it be availible to the viewing public? I'll be passing through N.I. around the end of December, I hope it will be out by then...


Hey Geez thanks Allan, A trailer in .gvp format!
What does that stand for Gnarly Video non-Privacy!!
I'm sorry I couldn't see that trailer but then again ya' know I don't personally care to have my laptop talking back to a server I don't own and exchanging information without my consent. Then again I could act like the most and just allow anything and their brother to access my PC.....Why?.....'Cause the vid.. and Zoundz are too cool, bro....



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