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August 07, 2006


Jefferson Davis

Oh Shit... Wayne, are you for real man... I'll email ya Wayne... Damn... :-(


HA! A list of names! WOA, if that's accurate, you give us too many clues. Unfortunately, looking at possibly pornographic leads is frowned upon at work, but I'll check it out at home.

Since I am assuming this is an elaborate art project/challenge for LTA listeners, let's post clues and ideas here. If we find we need something more structured/wiki-based I'll set something up.

Incidentally, I'm guessing the podcast WOA has "in his inbox" is a second set of more obvious clues, so let's figure this out before he posts it.

Alan in Belfast

Maybe he got bundled into the back of a white van for laughing just once too often ...


mmm..not happy with this scenario..perhaps am being too serious...what will I do when my "wedding" anniversary comes round next March? repeats???


Ah, no big deal. he's just off to Zimbabwe for a short while.


Haha, riiight ...


Keith - Your "wedding" anniversary? Don't tell me you married Jett too...

Alan in Belfast

And he wasn't at the JFL shoot we bumped into this afternoon (complete with white van).


This could either be very bad or very good. Very bad in that Jett/Allen/Alex is on the run as a "world criminal", and no more LTA and poor Wayne has to keep his day job; or very good in that Jett/Allen/Alex is breaking the podcast chain he latched onto himself, escaping the "open source" living and we all must find a new hobby. At any rate, it makes for a good mystery! Who's got the popcorn?


Personally, I see this as an opportunity. LTA has become a pretty solid name in the podcasting world.

Wayne, keep me in the loop here, if you hear anything...


The dialogue of 42:53-47:42 of ch.44 pretty much explains this occurance in the "podcast," IMHO. It's a scripted piece, as you can hear the "we'll have to do it again" groan by wayne before and Jett's joking "I forgot to hit record" after. IMVHO, this is also (one of) Jett's manifesto(s) about blogging/podcasting (and hell, "modern life" too if you want to be a bit pretentious) and is definately worth a listen if you have time to listen to nothing else. If you have time nor interest, here's the cliff's notes:

"i get all these emails -- yet I've never felt so isolated" ~jett

"when you distance yourself and make another character, youve actually isolated yourself from yourself" ... "if i want to lie or pull a stunt -- its illiciting a reaction" ~wayne

"thats one thing one thing the shows about -- the irrosion of privacy... thats why i'm going to disappear ... [seemingly facetious] ill leave an encrypted file" ~jett

Or maybe not. Maybe jett just wants us all to play _where in the world is jett_. Someone start the corresponding wiki, and I'll play along.


Well, it may just be massaging Jett's ego (or his desperate cry for help?), and we may be equally pathetic for takeing enjoyment in it, but what the hey - I'm happy to play along.


Here's an extremely quick Google-summary results for the names Loe posted. The only things of real note are that Jetsun Eddy seems to be Jett's official first alias and he may have gone to Arizona State University as "Jett Lowe." I only spent 10 minutes on this - if someone has more commitment, feel free to run them again.

Jett Allen - gay porn star
Jeff Allen - comedian
Jetsun Eddy - first alias, possibly birth name, name through Richmond High School
Jett Eddy - nothing
Jet Eddy - nothing, mechanics part
Jeff Lowe - IMDB - Cloudwalker, 1985, Three climbers attempt the most difficult ice wall in the world. Makes sportsware. Also a band, sculptor, UI designer...
Jet Lowe - government photographer
Jett Lowe - probably match - [email protected] - comments on democrat sites. birthday listed in Chabad Jewish Student Center at Arizona State University
Alex Eddy - Mac OSX developer
Alex Allen - random people, Alex Allen Morris an actor
Alex Loe - research projects, foreign sits
Alex Lowe - late mountaineer, "world's best climber"


Damn it. I never got my mug.


The enigma wrapped in a conumdrum (or something like that) that we all know as Jett Loe, now a.k.a. WorldCriminal.

It all makes sense now, the snippets at the start of episodes, the hints placed in episodes.

Nope, I'm lying, it doesn't make sense.

What will I do - 7th Son book 1 has finished, Sigler is inbetween books .... the void, the darkness that is the void in Podcasting. I can't stand it ....


I hate to break into this mystery with some actual facts, but he was certainly Jets√ľn* Alexander Lowe Eddy during his days at Richmond High in California.

(Actually, I so hate to break into the mystery that I'm not going to add any actual facts, apart from the above.)

(Of course, someone posting a first comment on a blog may not be a reliable narrator.)

(But have you considered doing some steganography analysis on the picture?)

* don't forget the umlaut/trema/dieresys


Sorry, I posted this in the wrong entry so I'm just pasting it again here.

Did you notice in the last episode there are short, high-pitched tones at seemingly random times? At first I thought these were just blipping out diplomatic immunity girl's name, but now I'm thinking their placement must be deliberate. I'm going to go through and write down what I find. I don't have time to go through other episodes, though - have these beeps always been there? If so, we can divide up the work. Perhaps the beeps occur before or after an important word, or during certain timestamps, etc. I know there was some sort of plot going on earlier with that guy who was killed saying to look at certain timestamps. I didn't have time to investigate that one - anyone have ideas?


Now that I'm going through this, I think the beeps are only to show where Jett skipped ahead in the tape and that there's no pattern here. I'm still going to try this, but yeah, not hopeful.

Ryan Rebensdorf

ahhh just sit back and enjoy the show, i'm sure there's an amusing outcome to this whole thing...


But puzzles are fun! :) I'm hoping this is one, maybe not. Beep theory failed.


We're living thru Jett's version of the Da Vinci Code.

Ryan Rebensdorf

Well...more power to you jen. Keep on investigating, maybe you'll crack jett's code? In CH.44 he mentioned an encrypted episode and WOA has an episode in his box and then jett also spoke of what's to come in the future months of LTA and how it will end. Maybe someone who lives in Belfast can just hang out at clements or whatever, he is religious about his coffee...

Jefferson Davis

Umm, it appears that there is Arabic writing on the signs in the background of the picture. Where are you Jett? Seemingly, he could have converted to Islam, and traveled to Lebanon to fight against Israel. Who knows...? :-)

Theoretically, anything is possible.


And what assurance do we have that you're not in on this, Wayne? Sorry to distrust your ordinary American word, but you're our only direct contact to the situation, so it seems likely if this is a set up that you might be deliberately misleading us.


It's morse code!!!

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