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August 07, 2006



I get the feeling that old registration lapsed. the current record was just created this weekend on GoDaddy, details cleverly hidden through DomainsByProxy

Registered through:, Inc.
Created on: 06-Aug-06
Expires on: 06-Aug-07
Last Updated on: 06-Aug-06

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration [email protected]

Oh, and Jett? (cause we know you're lurking) Thanks for giving me a reason to go back and watch all those old GoDaddy comercials. thumbs up son.


Thanks for doing that search, wcbhoy.

I thought maybe Jett saw the one-day lapsed registration on the domain and made some clue based on it, but the site then was very generic and I'm starting to doubt it's part of the puzzle. I tried things like seeing if files in the new domain had the same names as ones in the old domain (like worldcriminal/helpnow.jpg) and trying things with the counter number (frozen at 300177), but no joy. My guess is we're looking for an audio file to sync with this video... but where is it?


Maybe its the audio file Wayne has?


drat. didn't think it would be as easy as

I wouldn't think it's something to be found by hacking around. too geeky. better bet would be assembly and analysis of the clues provided.

or just wait for him to get back from Zimbabwe.


Perhaps we are wrong to assume Jett is up to something sinister? Maybe he is off to hunt down and kill Osama. With science.

Friends or Enemies?


Thanks for the pic, Playaz.

I know I've been overly verbal on this page, but I was hoping you'd humour me again. I'd like to think there's some elegant solution to all of this, but right now all I have are loose pieces. So if you don't mind, let me just summarise what we know.

It seems clear at this point that Jett's disappearance is a culmination of the conspiracy story that we've been hearing dialogue from since Ch 30. The problem is that the disparate pieces of dialogue don't seem to amount to a single solution. I've went back and listened to them... the parts loosely travel in the same direction but the story isn't concrete. There are, however, some themes:

1. Scripted performance vs reality. For instance, at the beginning of Ch 30 two men who are not obviously actors discuss how Jett was hired as a propaganda front-man but now he has killed people. A the end of Ch. 30 two men who are obviously actors reenact the dialogue (similar at end of 34, beginning of 39). Sometimes Jett tells people he will have an English man play them, yet the voices we hear are Northern Irish.

2. Wayne's role - enemy of Jett or friend or something else? In Ch 30 two men think Wayne is an extension of Jett's personality who is capable of murder. In Ch 33 Wayne takes a telephone call in which he plots to do something to Jett after Ch 50. In Ch 36 Rick says not to trust Wayne, yet Jett calls on Wayne to murder Rick.

3. Jett's role - pawn/victim or deceiver/murderer? In Ch 30 we hear Jett is hired to deceive Europe but now distrusts his employers. End of Ch 31 he's taking a dubious job of his own volition. In Ch 33 we hear that Jett's personality is man-made and has undergone 3 versions (Jett 3.0). In Ch 39 Jett declares he is deceiving everyone to DIG, says there's a "real story." Beginning of 41 Jett is being commanded through hypnosis.

4. Jett and Wayne as "dangerous men." We hear they murder people in Ch. 30. We hear they are dangerous, mobile nuclear weapons in Ch. 33.

What there is left to do:
1. There's a secret message in Chapter 41.
2. Where's the audio for the Day Zero video?
3. What is Rick referring to when he says to apply Ch. 31 minute 4 to Ch. 3 minute 14 (see Ch. 36)?
4. There's surely clues in the pic Phil posted. The number on the card is 3311114_____ - undoubtedly a reference to pi in Ch. 36.


wcbhoy said:

Registered through:, Inc.
Created on: 06-Aug-06
Expires on: 06-Aug-07
Last Updated on: 06-Aug-06


Ryan Rebensdorf

Funny how they are described as some sort of nuclear weapons in the beginning of Ch.33 and then there's this crisis in london.
They're not letting iPods on the airlplanes now...
I don't know, with Jett, I just don't trust him. In the audio he looks pretty angry or frustrated, but I could make out "wayne" from he was speaking in the beginning of the video.
Oh, he metions to see "Dangerous Men" by John S. Rad (Iranian ex-pat living in L.A.) "an unforgettable suspense mystery drama, you haven't seen anything like it."--Ch.33 starts around 7:00 but wayne says to read the interview on the site Jett says something about "that dude used to be in shape before we shipped out." ( mention's that guy "is obviously violating the LOE brand guidelines." he says to wayne not to give it away because there's a special reason why listeners will be interested in that.Ch.33 (9:05)-very, very suspicious now! go check out the picture of the "very recognizable guy"

Ryan Rebensdorf

he also says his walther P88 compact "isn't for him, it's for his enemies."
check out this link: uses the same looking video player as jett's movie(the one without audio) and at one point it looks like jett on a motorcycle,LOL!
here's the synopsis from the site:

An unforgettable suspense, mystery drama.

DANGEROUS MEN, an action, adventure, comedy, drama, is a film with many characters... like Mina (Melody Wiggins)… whose life is shattered when two bikers with rape on their minds attack and kill Daniel (Kelay Miller), her fiancé. Driven by grief, she embarks on a killing rampage, wreaking vengeance upon all the men that she seductively lures into her trap. In her twisted world, cops and killers are all the same DANGEROUS MEN. David (Michael Gradilone), Daniel’s brother, is a cop who relentlessly pursues the killers, while facing a nest of drug dealers, followed by the FBI and the police SWAT team, also in hot pursuit. Mina, a victim of violence, carrying a twisted obsession for justice, is caught between opposing forces in this fast-paced drama, a world of DANGEROUS MEN.

It's like nothing you've ever seen."
wasn't there something with that last quote somewhere on LTA?...


Holy cow Ryan, you got it! I just watched the first few seconds of the interview and it's clear this is the right track. I'm busy for a couple days but will investigate this further when I can.


Bloody hell this is all getting very confusing don't you think?!?!?! Has anyone tried to find what the two 'markers'are? At least one of which apparently Jett must mention in every show to confirm that Jett 3.0 is still 'stable' (start of chapter33). also in this conversation they mention they don't want 'another incident like white sands' 'White Sands' being a national monument in New Mexico which has to undergo closures as a result of "missile testing on the adjacent White Sands Missile Range" which presumable went wrong forcing the occasional closures. I doubt this is any help but who knows!


I keep going back to the Bill Clinton book. He emphasizes a quote from the book - you can almost make it out. Looks like "we get the money, you get the cats". I'm not sure what that would mean, but I'm not a lip reader.

All I know is Clinton did not know who his father was, and discovered he had a half-brother later in life, so there is certainly some significance there.


Wow... this Dangerous Men thing seven shads of terrible, and the story of its production is a tragedy. At first I thought the whole thing was a spoof, but this really is the 30-year project of John Rad. Rad seems completely oblivious to the fact that he's playing the perfect fool. He takes himself more seriously than a successful Hollywood producer, placing his name in the theme song and presenting his name 5 times in the opening credits before the movie title, and he doesn't realize he's just being made fun of. In some ways, this is my own personal worst nightmare - dedicating my whole life to what I believe is an amazing creative work, but in reality Jack E. Jett is cracking up during commercial break.

This made me wonder if Jett might see some of himself in John Rad. Jett has a better grasp on reality maybe, but both men feel a need to dedicate themselves to their own creative projects that they feel will somehow improve the world. Half the time Jett talks about LTA as an amazing creative narrative, half as a "desperate cry for help." Rad would describe his work as a creative narrative maybe, but when one man dedicates 30 years to the same terrible film, doesn't it seem a desperate attempt to cobble together some sort of legacy?


Has anyone taken a close look at his t-shirt. When he brings the plaque into view at around 4:14, I blew up the video to try and make out what was on his shirt. Very blurry and hard to read. Looked like "race" on the right hand side of the circle. Then tried to make out the top word and it looks like "M-I-S-S --" and can't quite make out the rest. MISSILE? Then I thought not "race" but "range".

Some kind of Missile Range, perhaps? can anyone else tell what's on his shirt?

The Mask of Zorro

Interesting it looks like it's a shirt from WSMR (White Sands Missile Range) see here

Some other thoughts:

1. Jett's disappearance was on the 6th of August which was the aniversary of the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

2. There was the first atomic bomb test at (what was to become) WSMR on 16th July 1945. This was the Trinity Site.

3. WSMR is near Alamogordo, NM. A check of the phone book for that area reveals some interesting things. 9 Lowe's, 3 Eddy's and 2 Loe's. The Loes are A+B Loe and their phone number is (or was at some point) +1 505 443 2431.


Re the marker, as far as I can tell the only phrase Jett has used in every podcast is "this is Jett Loe."


Its a farce, people. Take a deep breath, exhale, and laugh.


But we enjoy farces!


Jett's off to shoot a movie, this mystery plot was his way of covering up his absence. Everything the guy does is scripted!


I don't believe you, fixer.


Who are you anyway, "Phil"? Maybe you're one of Jett's characters, or worse, an actor hired to play one of Jett's characters!


I am 100% real. And certainly no actor.


No, he's not an actor... he's five actors, apparently.

Chris the Carpenter

Hey I've got a good one... Remember when that southern dude slept on Jett's couch? He noticed and commented on an object. The name was bleeped and Jett mentioned that it pertained to the show or possibly the last show. Does anyone got anything with this? I havn't gone back to listen and check, yet.

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