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August 07, 2006



Oh man, this is too much fun! Jefferson, maybe the "writing on the wall" is in fact what a Muslim thinks.


Has anyone else noticed that the name of the photo on is jett_loe_day_zero.jpg?
Hmmmm!? I wonder what that means!


"In plotting the coefficients using the IDCT formula of JPEG images, the expected result is a relatively smooth graph for values of not equal to zero. However, plotting the coefficients of images created with Jpeg-Jsteg produce more erratic graphs and show steps resulting from duplicate coefficient values due to exaggerated rounding errors caused by storing the hidden information. This distortion is more noticeable for coefficient values less than zero [Col97]."

I'll find you Jett Loe....I'll find you.


Brianf - I thought of that too! I tried different filenames to hopefully get something else in the directory, but to no avail. By the way, if you like puzzles like that you should check out .


I choose to believe that he and that waitress at the resturant hooked up and he decided to put everything on hold while he gets his lowe groove on. This is what I am going to tell myself until he comes back.

Wayne Ordinary American

I swear on LTA (THE most sacred oath between Jett and I) that I honestly do not know where he is or when/if he will be back.


Oh, come on Wayne. We all know you're little more than an agent of the United Oligarchy of America, attempting to spread its tendrils throughout the rest of the world.

It’s simple really. The rush-job that is the surgically cobbled together "Raphael" (oh, such a thin veil, a long lost brother? Really, do ya think?) gave Jett his activation phrase. One so precise it had to be conveyed in person. I'm sure we'll barely notice some small disturbance, somewhere in the world, resulting in some functionary-of-a-burgeoning-nuclear-country note going missing.

Eh, he’s probably just in Zimbabwe, meeting the family. Daddy reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaally needs some sugar.


I bet this has to do with all the bits of "story" we've been getting in pieces through all the episodes. If you haven't been listening, it's about a conspiracy in which Jett has been set up by (apparently) the Americas as a front-man, possibly to give proaganda to Europe about the greatness of America. He was so good at delivering propaganda, he would actually admit that it was propaganda. To maintain the facade of Jett not being associated with the US government, the Americans fired him but still sponsored his life in Belfast. However, the Americans are apparently not being frank with him, as they are letting him do a podcast as "art therapy." The Americans think Jett is spying on them. Lately, Jett has killed people, which may in part explain his disappearance.

A second level of the conspiracy begins with Wayne. Rick, who himself was trying to dig through the conspiracy, believes that everyone who works with Jett on LTA, including Wayne, are in on their own counter-conspiracy. The Americans believe Wayne is an extension of Jett - a second personality. Wayne himself has made calls which suggest he is only posing as Jett's friend but in fact means him harm.

I really don't have time to go through all the episodes, but check out the first few minutes of Chapter 36. Rick, a man not in on the conspiracy who trusts Jett, proclaims to Jett that he's a front-man and the people behind LTA - especially Wayne - are his enemies.

He says go to Ch. 41 minute 4 ("that's the secret!") and apply it to Ch. 3 minute 14, and that will say what the show is really about.

Ch. 31, minute 4:
Jett: "I went to a class to train for that. We don't have time in our week for one hour of LTA, so we can just speed things up ... you could take the file off Apple iTunes and you could just speed it up and change the pitch there you go - you've got the whole thing in 5, 10 minutes. We might do that, actually, as an experiment."
Wayne: "Your brain can comprehend 3x the normal speed of speech."
Jett: "Do ants have ears? You're our resident entomologist."
Wayne: "Ants probably don't have ears."

Ch. 3, minute 14:
Alicia: "There's distrust of the police, and that creates an unsafe environment for the civilian. The police aren't looking after you." (story about a pregnant woman who was attacked)
Jett: "You bring up an interesting point when you use the word 'civilian.' I've always thought here in Belfast that I'm a civilian, and there's various factions that are battling it out, but I'm not involved..."

So... it seems like we need to speed up the tape somewhere - probably at Ch. 3 minute 14. I really don't know why that would produce something different, but I'll give it a shot.

The story we're presented seems to make Jett out to be some double-front man. He's working for the Americans, yet he doesn't trust them. He's working with people like Wayne who are conspiring against him. The Americans pay for his living, but they consider him to be a criminal. Also, the Americans play some sort of hypnosis tape to convince Jett of his identity as Jett. Can anyone make more sense of this?


Ah there's nothing quite like a good old (...possibly...) murder mystery! Jenny you sure are doing a whole lot of thinking about all this! Good job too as I've yet to start my attempts to crack 'The LTA Code.' Got loads to look into though from what you've already found! Is this the change Jett has been talking about? Has LTA become an online conspiracy game? with only Podcasts left as clues? To be honest I wouldn't be surprised...!

Jefferson Davis

Jett will be back. :-) Go outside and enjoy some sunshine, before winter encroaches upon us. :-)

Jimmy Porter

Has anyone asked Aine from Sligozone?


Hey, I never claimed to have any sort of life. :)


I hope you don't think I'm implying that I might have suggested you have no life Jenny! And Jefferson I think you're being a bit presumptuous by suggesting that seeing as we're in the so called summer, here in Merry Olde England that certainly doesn't guarantee we have any kind of sunshine!
So there any more theories floating about out there? Wayne what do you think???

Jefferson Davis

Sparrow, according to my weather report, the high tomorrow will be 21 Celsius with breaks of sunshine. Tomorrow in my town, I can look forward to thunderstorms and 32 degrees Celsius sweltering heat. :-)

Jenny, I would never exclaim that you have no life. I leave that sort of rhetoric for myself. :-)

Jefferson Davis

"It's all about Love on Letter to America." I wonder how that fits into the picture? Sorry for two comments in a row...


I have been given a clue by a an source which has requested to remain anonymous.

There appears to be no sound, but many clues. Let the games begin!


OK, where are the lip readers out there?

although, I think its fairly plain to see he's just realized the little girl never gets any older.

Jefferson Davis

Now, I have more questions than answers. :-)


Heh... I just now realized it's the Twin Towers & Pentagon he drew on the wall.

Jefferson Davis

Awesome eye Jenny... I guess that coincides with the movie that came out here in the states today, "World Trade Center". Hmm, very interesting. ;-)


No idea how relevant this is, but there seems to be a lot of emphasis on objects in this movie. Some Jett presents to the camera as though he wants us to register what the object is without sound. Here's a list of objets.

1. Gun - Walther P-88 Compact, 9mm
2. Book - My Life, by Bill Clinton
2.5. Bookmark
3. Mobile phone
4. Glass of water
5. Pen, then another pen
6. Mug
7. Watch
(7.5). Book - A New Kind of Science, by Stephen Wolfram (presented later)
8. Plaque - "In Memory of the Heroes of Tiananmen Square"
9. Book - A New Kind of Science, by Stephen Wolfram
10. A woman


Is it a coincidence that Jett disappears and a few days later all flights into and out of the UK get cancelled?


God, I hope he's going to kill Hillary Clinton.


Well, it has happened just as he said it would. We the audience have become the show!!
Bravo Jett!! Well done.


Another thing which may or may not be relevant:

According to the Internet Archive, the only other time the domain was active was on November 28, 2001. At this time, the domain was held by a domain name broker. Since this was only a month after 9/11, the site had four links for donation - to the American Red Cross, the NY firefighters fund, the Salvation Army, and United Way. It would not have been unusual for a held domain at this time to have such links, but give Jett's writing on the wall perhaps it is relevant.

The link is:

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