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August 14, 2006



OK, that explains it all. Jett took Brian's c-note and hit the road to Vegas.

Its all about the benjamin's baby.


It did have quite a 'final show' air about it, but I'm sure Jett has something else lined up to add more confusion to the situation.

Thom Brown, III

What if Jett merely wanted to bring us to this brink to see what we would come up with after his leaving?

Thom Brown, III

We could start calling him the "Prophet" or the "Beloved One" and all start wearing LTA shirts among other to be created apparel . . . we would hype up on coffee, go to art galleries, take artsy photos, and constantly speak of love's merits . . . Say a wee prayer for us, oh Jett the Belov├ęd."


i wonder who he meant about some listener being a bit much, not you, but you know who he means.

Thom Brown, III

I assumed he meant people like me saying Jett was like "Oxygen," and other such things . . . But, maybe he has some REALLY crazy fans . . . They could head up Jett's new following!! Hey, come forward you guys!!!!

Ryan Rebensdorf

I haven't heard the podcast yet but he did say that he might just show up at your door if you're on the frappr map....ever think of that?


well it wouldnt take much, i live round the corner from jett


Perhaps he is taking on a new project altogether?



I agree with Andy on this one- it did feel like it might be the end of something i.e. LTA, while I'm also surprised that it didn't turn out to be even more cryptic clues! Unless more clues turn up, or the man himself turns up, I guess we'll have to watch this space. Perhaps what he once said would happen has happened in his absence, and the viewers / listeners became the show itself!


I agree with Andy and with sparrow, though I doubt we've seen the last of LTA. While there was some finality to Ch. 45, it doesn't seem quite closed yet. For instance, Jett mentions episodes in the future. Maybe he's taking a break now or has something to take care of, but as sparrow said - let's watch this space.

Also, Jett (because we all know you're lurking), I'm coming to Belfast again on September 6 and it would be great to see you, if you're not too busy running from the long arm of the law.


This is utterly unrelated to the Jett saga, but I have just been blown away by the smallness of the world and thought I'd share. Allan Gildea and geriatric1927 are each other's friends on YouTube?!


And who is that?


haha what are the chances! you've got to love geriatric1927!!!

Chris the Carpenter

I'm just very, very sad... I have been listening since the 20's but am only now catching on to the fact there is a secret. I have started at the begining and am listening to all ch. in order, as I feel I have opened a book at the middle. I only know now that the more I hear, the less I know and the more I feel Jett is me (or at least things i have done in the past of which I try to repair now) I must hear the end. I want it to be good at the end. Also: Remeber with D.I.G.? -She asked as to the end...Jett said he knew exactly what he would say and how it would end. I need more lta.


Take heart, CtC - Jett has has a saying: "all mysteries will be revealed".

There will be some other revelation sometime, probably when we least expect it. Jett will return like a thief in the night.

Thom Brown, III

He's created a cult . . . Wayne you are our new leader!


All praise The Wayne!


What I find interesting is that now Jett (aka 'The Leader') is gone we all seem to keep coming back to check on this site only to find no change which makes me think; do we all keep posting things if LTA IS finished like some kind of gang (not the Tupac shooting variety)? And what exactly brought us all together in the first place? Were we all lonely in one way or another like jett said he felt?
Any thoughts?

Alan in Belfast

Go Wayne Go. With Jett's instructions, you've enough info to make your own LTA podcasts and upload them to Jett's server and RSS feed.

Just think - no more interruptions when you read out your big story of the week? No longer be the second billed cohost? Choose your own cohost!

If there's one thing that will bring Jett out of hiding, it'll be the loss of top dog status!

Ryan Rebensdorf

Yeah forget Jett, it's not the loe show anymore, it's the WOA Show! that's probably gonna piss jett off when he comes lurking around here isn't it? well... it's his fault, he left.


Bring back the sexy female cohosts!

Ryan Rebensdorf



Bring back the fun times!


don't forget the joker!

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