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August 02, 2006



I nominate the Keith pic for a caption contest.


All well and fine, but I really would like to know "What does a muslim think".

Actually, I know a few at work, it'd be easier to ask them than wait for the answer to the longest running delayed item in the short but illustrious history of podcasting.


How many copywrite laws are you breaking by posting these pics not only before they are aired but before they are even edited?

(and where's chapter 44? I'm longing for the sound of my own voice...)


Ah, it all falls into place. So it *was* you hiding in a Transit van with blacked out windows outside Queen's.

Phew, thought you were some kind of pervert...



American listeners of the show will be pleased to know that re-runs of 'Just For Laughs' (directed by our beloved host) can be seen on the BBC America channel (depending on your cable provider)- in my part of the US, it typically comes on at 12:30 am on various weeknights.

Of course there are loads of clips on YouTube as well.

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