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September 22, 2006



Is there a poster of a muslim tacked up somewhere else that says "We're watching you. You better not go anywhere, not even for coffee - BAA Glasgow"?

Alan in Belfast

"Relax ... and miss your flight when we don't put enough staff on the rota for the search point."

Though the sign wouldn't work airside after you've been through security. Flybe and easyJet have been known to flex their muscles and enforce the rule that allows them to forbid you to carry takeaway tea or coffee through the boarding gate.

Just to push up their own on-board profits - not that anyone who's denied is likely to splash out for another cup from the evil airline once in the air.

But I'm ranting ... keep that for my own blog and not clutter up yours!


I also love how Duty Free is full of flammable liquids (and lighters), but they'll have you arrested if you buy them before you get to the airport.

Devin Salinger

Are they promoting Starbucks? I hope so.

Jett Loe

They're not promoting Starbucks...just all around subservience to authority...

Vicki Marty

I wonder how my daughter is going to survive her flight (she has to go on business)from Z├╝rich via London, via L.A. to Auckland with all these restrictions. We already had enough of it coming back on Saturday from Canada via Amsterdam. I wonder how long it'll take until things get back to normal at English airports.

Jett Loe

Don't know...we live in the world of the future now - people seem not to mind trading the Idea of Freedom - personal freedom/mental freedom for an illusion of security.


Illusion of security... it's so true. I flew from Kansas City to Oklahoma last week and had my foundation make up and lip gloss conviscated but not my cigarette lighter. None of it makes any sense. I think the idea is to keep us all afraid so we're grateful for the inconvenience because at least then we're safe. Lies, lies, lies.


Hold on there, Jama...let's not forget the uproar (in the States, anyway) not long after 9/11 of "why didn't you do anything to stop this?!"...our government, as I see it, was sort of forced into this silliness of confiscating nail clippers and the like to say "see? we're doing something!"

They're damned if they do, damned if they don't.


I would suggest that our government find something more productive to do to rather than take away nail clippers and tweezers at the airport to re-assure me that I'm safe from the evil clutches of muslum extremists. Besides, why would the government try to stop mass murder when it makes them so rich? Maybe this is not the place to get all anti-government and I respect your opinion but I also totally and utterly disagree.


Don't get me wrong - I am not "pro-government". In fact, I generally despise all politics as they are all full of crap (though you may tell I tend to fall on the conservative side of the coin).

As I hate political arguments, I will not continue this one any further, and say that I too respect your opinion.

Jett Loe

Actually this is the place to get all 'anti-government' and 'pro-government' - if we can't yell at each other at Letter to America - where can we yell at each other?


Jett - I think you're full of crap! (sorry, just trying it out)

Jett Loe

No prob Phil - now that you've got the ball rolling feel free to be more specific.


Frankly, I feel politics have become far too polarizing these days. It really has become akin to arguing about abortion or religion.

You are not going to convince someone they are wrong, and they are likely not going to convice you that they are right.

Jama and I could argue and pick apart each other's arguments until the sun comes up - but where would that get us? She would likely end up despising me for my views and maybe try to burn my turtleneck, and I don't want that.

American politics has devolved into pandering to voters by spewing things they think we want to hear, with no real answers or solutions (from both sides) - primarily because of the media's "gotcha" style these days - which was the point I was trying to make with Jama's 9/11 comment (while having a little bit of tongue in cheek).

In the end any political argument these days would devolve into "who's smarter" with personal attacks - and we're all about the love, right?

Except I still think you're full of crap, Jett ;).


I would never try to burn anyone's turtleneck, especially not yours Phil, and I don't despise anyone's point of view. I want to know what other people think, I want to try to understand where people are coming from. Sometimes, yes, I want to yell at people for being ignorant and blind to what I feel is happening to my country. But I do agree with what you say Phil, the media is manipulative, and we could argue forever and never come to any kind of middle ground. Try having dinner with a retired Coast Guard Chief and his wife. It can get ugly. But if we all can agree that things do need to change and it really is all about the love, about making a difference in your own community and seeking the truth for yourself then we will find ourselves on common

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