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September 18, 2006


Ryan R.

Is it just me or does wayne and Jett look like they could possibly be brothers? LOL!
Finally another episode of LTA


Maybe they are, Ryan....maybe they are.


Didn't Jett once say he loved Wayne,"like a brother from another mother"?
Is this yet another hint?


How, funny..I'm not the only one who thinks wayne looks a little like Jett. I can't believe they seen that blog, it's so amateur I don't want it to be dumb but you got to start somewhere.
I wonder how they found out?(must have posted the site on here on a comment)
I haven't heard the show yet, work has some new program blocking most internet sites so it shuts down my iTunes and says to see the Tech Administrator if I think I reached it in error...LOL! I'm sure the show is a classic like all the others Jt/WOA keep up the madness!

Devin Salinger

Sorry, Jett. I didn't mean to be overly critical of your choice of music. It's just that remakes of a perfectly good song really seem pointless. I see that some of your listeners liked it. There's no accounting for taste, but whatever. I am overly opinionated and it wins me very few friends. Play whatever music you like. You don't owe me anything. lol...


Maybe you should stop wearing that bad patch. Is that like a Nicotine patch?

Devin Salinger

Yes,'s similar to a nicotine patch in that it does not work. But I still like to wear it as an accessory.

Aorund Par

OMG!!! I love DDR and ITG, and I like Bambee's music alot, but I've only heard from her what's been on DDR and ITG, but I play those games alot and I have a pad to play on at home and just about every DDR and ITG song ever, so I think something I can send to you guys is some videos of me playing songs from those games on my simulator on my computer. Email me if you'd like to see me in some hot DDR ITG action playing songs...

Jett Loe

Please feel free to email LTA anything you'd like Aorund Par - though please don't engage in 'hot DDR ITG action' on our account.

Aorund Par

LOL! Sorry, I didn't mean anything like "skinnydancing" or anything else that would be potentially offensive, I'd just be playing songs on high skill levels for all to enjoy, but the higher skill levels take more energy to play. Again, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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