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September 29, 2006


Alan in Belfast

Have a virtual lemsip on me!

On Wednesday, the Daily Telegraph recommended that the Lemsip-dependent amongst us should invest in a parka. Might be just what you need up in the baltic climes of Glasgow.

Looking forward to the weekend's episode.


If it is used to blind evil-doers seeking to do you harm while viewing your website, then it is for good.

Devin Salinger

If it is to blind do-gooders for doing good, then it is also for good.


Hey Jett, sorry to hear you're sick. I've been sick in London for a couple weeks now, as are most Americans on my foor. Could it be UK viruses can't stand the scent of freedom we carry?


Look at you. You're like Old Mother Hubbard with her empty cupboards. Eat that orange and tuck in. Here's me wishing I could overnight you some of my grandma's chicken soup, loaded with yummy goodness and butterballs rolled by the hands of fiesty German women.


Take Spirulina!! After I started, I almost never get sick now..or maybe it was my pact with the devil??


Hey Jett, poorly wee soul - maybe you could stop blinding yourself with the very bright lights and drift off into a healing slumber; arise refreshed and ready for more caffeine! get well soon :-)


Evie is quite the purveyor of caffeinated beverages, isn't she?

Do you secretly work for the government or something? The Division of Addictive Akaloids and Diuretics?

Alan in Belfast

Maybe Evie's evangelical about coffee? Sounds like the kind of laid back coffee joint that Belfast needs.

Alan in Belfast

Maybe Evie's evangelical about coffee? Sounds like the kind of laid back coffee joint that Belfast needs.

Jett Loe

Thanks everybody for all your comments! Am feeling much better now, cheers - and don't forget, when in Glasgow visit Evie at Offshore Coffee.


Very interesting blog.

Maria W

Jett - methinks your typepad has been infiltrated.

Jett Loe

Jeez - thanks for the warning about the content of your page there Artorios - I'm drinking coffee here at 8am - almost did a spit-take.

And one other thing: the website is called 'Girls Anus', the URL is, there's a big photo of a girls anus on the header, yet there's not much 'girl anus action' actually on the site. Misleading.

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