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September 23, 2006



But will they be naked whilst cooking??

Devin Salinger

Uh oh. This disturbs me. I am one of those cooks that cannot handle watching anyone else cook without interfering. This kind of video would throw me into a crazed need to be there even more than todays porn. Now i need to find a porn patch. Thanks a lot Jett.

Wayne Ordinary American

I have never seen your kitchen look this good, Jett.

It kinda turns me on.


hi Jett, porn, cooking, coffee shops .... no wonder you like Offshore, its kinda got all three! :-) come back soon, was cool having you being tall over in the far corner.

Jett Loe

I didn't notice the Porn, Evie...will look around in more detail next time I'm in town...

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