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September 16, 2006


Alan in Belfast

What it needs is hundreds of coloured Post It notes all over the shining white walls to make it feel more like home.

And some tinsel on those plastic plants.


"shining" white walls... clever Alan. Are you sure you're not in Estes Park, CO? I thought you could only find those two there.


Reminds me of that time Wayne hit an older black gentleman in the chest with an axe who came around Margarita Plaza looking for Jett.


If you click on the "them" link, those 2 girls look pretty phucking scary. Maybe the bad thing that happened is Jett has to pay child support? LOL....or maybe he found out he has twins? (OOPS!) I don't know, i'm not really up on all of the jett info as of late. Does "new home in glasgow" mean no more belfast home? or just for a few weeks "new home?"


Jett needs to be Corrrrrrrrected.

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