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October 31, 2006

Halloween Action in Belfast City

Yep, that's right folks, the Americanisation of the World continues.

Like the people mentioned in the article linked to above, I also have been freaked out by the SPEED at which Halloween has erupted on the scene here in the U.K. 

We are not immune to it here in County Northern Ireland as evidenced by this colourful flyer emailed to be by those fine folks at Celebrate Belfast 2006.

Quoting from the Press Release:

Be prepared to be wowed by an array of street entertainers, fire performers, drummers and stilt walkers.

With live bands ‘The Delawares, Afrobrazilia and the Cinemagic Band’, on a night which is sure to be SPOOKTACULAR from start to finish.


For more information contact the Belfast Welcome Centre on 028 9024 6609 or go online at

Yep, nothing says Halloween more to me than Stilt Walkers and Fireworks.

Still, am sure it's gonna be fun and you could do a lot worse - I've been trying to get featured band 'The Delawares' on the Letter to America Podcast for AGES.  Let's hope they finally say yes.

As for myself Dear Listener - am going on a pub crawl with friends this evening - hopefully I'll have some interesting snaps to post tomorrow.


October 27, 2006

More Funderland Action

Wayne being approached by security at Funderland, Belfast

In response to a number of listener requests for more photos of our adventures at Funderland I post the pic above.  That's the security guy, Alan, as discussed in the show, approaching Wayne and myself to let us know that photographs are not allowed due to 'copyright restrictions'.

Wayne being approached by security at Funderland, Belfast

Here's a closeup photo - just click to enlarge.

In other Funderland news, long-time listener Phil from Playaz Ball informs us that even the name 'Funderland' might be a bit copyright contentious.  Click on the links below to compare and contrast.

Funderland - Europe

Funderland - California


October 25, 2006

Letter to America - Chapter 50 - Funderland

A fine snap of Wayne and myself enjoying the fun time at Funderland, Belfast, N.I.

I Can Taste the Water, It's Letter to America - Chapter 50 - Funderland!

In which Wayne Ordinary American uses Jett Loe as a shield, Keith Olbermann is derided,  we lose track of who's on the Frappr Map and there's no news about Northern Ireland whatsoever.

All this and more on your "Whose Idea Was It To Open A Water Ride In Belfast?" 

Link to the World Criminal Non-Commercial Archive


October 24, 2006

Belfast Festival - Part 2


The Belfast Festival continues.  The pic above is one of the busy workers from The World Famous; the pyrotechnic group that opened the Festival. 

People seemed to have a good time.  The teens photographed below were drunk, loud, obnoxious; yet I am sure the fireworks had some effect.

Teens watching fireworks during the opening of the 2006 Belfast Festival

Official 2006 Belfast Festival Site

Belfast Festival previously on LTA


October 20, 2006

Belfast Festival

A couple walking in the dark towards the fireworks, Belfast Festival 2006

The above snap was taken last night - walking towards the big firework display that kicked off the Belfast Festival.  If in town why not attend one of the many events at the festival taking place over the next two weeks?

Belfast Festival


October 19, 2006

Keith Olbermann on the right of Habeas Corpus

Yes, Dear Listener, I hardly ever link to all those videos ripped off TV and promulgated through the web - but in this case I'll make an exception.

Don't let the obvious fact that the guy has watched this film too many times - what he's saying needs to be heard and, dare I say, acted on.

The Day Habeas Corpus Died
“Your words are lies, Sir.”  

From the MSNBC Network as seen on Crooks and Liars.

More information on Habeas Corpus.


October 16, 2006

Letter to America - Chapter 49 - Women Gotta Stand Up!

LTA - that Irish Podcast - Poster for Chapter 49'

Good God, It's Letter to America - Chapter 49 - Women Gotta Stand Up!

In which Marie Louise Muir says Northern Ireland is tops, Jett Loe wishes he could see Wayne, an English Lady breaks into the media the hard way and wee M. Burns is too trusting.

All this and more on your 'Everyone Is A Star'

Link to the World Criminal Non-Commercial Archive


October 13, 2006

Belfast Rocks

A burnt out car here in Belfast, Northern Ireland

People often say to me:

"Jett, you live in Belfast.  Why no photos of burnt out cars on your blog?"

Well, here you go Dear Reader.

Long-time LTA listener, Mr. X, as seen in this photo-set, emailed me the pic above a while back.  Here's the text of his email:

"Hi Jett, found this outside my house on Friday, no its not mine, joyriders left it at 4am Thursday, then delightfully stole some other car.

Cheers (name deleted to preserve anonymity)"

Now, a lot of folks on hearing that I live in Belfast are concerned.  They kinda figure I have to navigate burnt out wrecks like the above car and groups of feral children throwing large rocks and flaming bottles.  But aside from this incident:

Who You Callin' A Fenian Bastard

I haven't seen that much action here in Belfast.  I keep lookin' though.


Cinemagic World Screen Festival for Young People

Hey there Dear Listener:

As one of the only podcasts in this area that does some sort of vague reportage we here at LTA get sent a lot of press releases.  Don't usually publish them.  Frankly, a lot are pretty dire.  But...every once in a while one catches our eye like the Cinemagic Festival.

Running from November 17th to December 3rd the Festival is all about getting the young folks enthused about the magic of motion pictures.  So, with this end in mind they're screening a whole bunch of pics to appeal to the young 'uns and also getting a host of people who work in the industry to come and talk.

Sounds like fun. 

Oh, oh.

I've just found out that it's called the Coca-Cola Cinemagic World Screen Festival for Young People. 


Is Coca-Cola evil?  I can't keep track anymore dear listener.  Hard to live an ethical life here as an American White Guy in the West in the 21st Century. 

Anyhew, they seem like good people.  Why not get the young folks you know to attend?  Detailed Press Releases utilising a variety of fonts follow below:

Cinemagic Graphic



Cinemagic is looking for imaginative and original films made by young people to be screened as part of CINEMAGIC YOUNG FILMMAKER 2006 in association with First Light.  The films can be about anything at all ­ fact or fiction, comedy or drama, news programme or documentary.

CINEMAGIC YOUNG FILMMAKER 2006 will take place during the Cinemagic festival in November, featuring the best short film entries and a series of workshops with renowned members of the film and TV industry.  A prize will be awarded for best film - the winning entry will be screened during next year's CINEMAGIC WORLD SCREEN FESTIVAL FOR YOUNG PEOPLE in December 07. Winning films will  receive digital prizes from our sponsor Xtra-vision.

The competition is open to anyone aged 25 and under from the
UK and Ireland.

Please send a VHS or DVD of your film with details of cast and crew and a short synopsis by
FRIDAY 3rd November 2006. Films should be no longer than 20 minutes.  Entries should be sent to CINEMAGIC YOUNG FILMMAKER 2006, Cinemagic, 49 Botanic Avenue, Belfast BT7 1JL.

For more information on the event and up-to-date details of the workshops available visit or contact Chris Shaw at Cinemagic.


The Coca-Cola Cinemagic World Screen Festival for Young People in association with Xtra-Vision has launched its much anticipated annual film festival programme! The film festival now in its seventeenth year is set to run from 17 November to 3 December 2006 at various venues across Belfast. 

This year’s programme boasts an eclectic range of film screenings including special premieres, international feature films, documentaries, shorts, foreign language films, education packages and accompanying industry workshops which are both practical and fun for young people aged between 4-25. Visit to find out more!

Film Screenings: 17 November-3  December.

The programme includes an impressive array of special preview screenings including The Santa Clause3: The Escape Clause (Buena Vista International), Flushed Away (Dreamworks/Aardman); competition features from around the world such as Kirikou and the Wild Beasts, Opal Dream, Paula’s Secret, Lapislazuli, Finding Friends, Tsotsi, Charlie II, Children of the Moon and Young Andersen; and family, teenage and kids’ classics including Singin’ in the Rain, Meet me in St Louis, The Princess Bride, Toy Story, Beetlejuice, Time Bandits, and Down at Fraggle Rock!

Talent Lab: 30 November & 1 December.

Cinemagic’s successful Talent Lab returns offering twelve creative masterclasses for 18-25 year olds in areas such as Film Directing with Aisling Walsh (Song For a Raggy Boy), Acting with Liam Cunningham (The Wind that Shakes the Barley), and Sally Lindsey (Coronation Street), Writing for Film with Martin Duffy (The Boy From Mercury), Film Production with David Thompson (Iris, Match Point), Costume Design with Anushia Nieradzik (Dr Who, Middlemarch),Television Presenting with Dermot O’Leary (Big Brother’s Little Brother), Puppetry with Martin Baker and Pete Coogan (The Jim Henson Company), Advertising with Fire IMC, Publicity with Una Maguire, and Gaming with David Perry (The Matrix and The Earthworm Jim series).

Education Programme: 27 - 30 November (inc)

Primary school pupils can look forward to an entertaining and fun series of workshops which will visit schools across the province. Kids’ favourite television specials such as Kipper, Pingu, and Angelina Ballerina will be screened in various schools, along with fun and games from Belfast Zoo’s education team and characters such as Bob the Builder, and Fireman Sam will come alive with the help of professional animators, to show children the tricks of the trade!

Secondary school pupils will have the opportunity to watch a selection of fantastic films and documentaries before taking part in industry workshops. Highlights include The Mighty Celt and Mean Creek, accompanied by a discussion on the key themes of the film, led by the Irish Film Institute; What Makes Me Happy supported by Save The Children; The Evacuees produced by Belfast based Double Band Films; and The Oscar nominated Good Night and Good Luck which will be followed by a workshop focusing on the world of News Journalism. The critically acclaimed The Motorcycle Diaries from BAFTA award winning director Walter Salles and the documentary film sensation Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price are sure to be firm festival favourites! The colourful programme also includes must-see Shorts packages including Irish Language Shorts, Animated Antics and Shorts for Shorties.

Masterclasses and Q&A’s: various dates.

Cinemagic Stars (a three day acting workshop for 13-18 year olds featuring Suranne Jones, ex- Coronation Street), Young Film Maker (a three day workshop and discussion programme in film making, hosted by industry professionals, for various age groups showcasing young talent across Northern Ireland and the UK), Drama with Masks, and Q&A’s that include Donal MacIntyre (MacIntyre Undercover) and Emap Editor-in-Chief of New Product Development, Barry McIlheney, are just some of the additional highlights which the programme has to offer!

Cinemagic Chief Executive, Joan Burney, encourages young people throughout Northern Ireland to get involved:

“The annual Cinemagic festival has grown from strength to strength over the past 17 years. Whether it is going to the cinema to experience new films or taking part in a workshop to find out more about a career in the film and television industry there is something for all ages to enjoy. We feel that this year’s programme is the best to date, with a newly developed education section, fantastic screenings and many top industry professionals set to visit Belfast in November.”

Maire Campbell, Public Affairs and Communications Manager for Coca-Cola Bottlers (Ulster) Ltd looks forward to their three year partnership with the festival:

“Coca-Cola is delighted to be strengthening our commitment to Cinemagic. As title sponsor for the next three years we hope to assist in the development of a youth based arts and media culture by supporting an organization which provides opportunities for young people to actively engage with the arts.”

  Martin Higgins, Managing Director for Xtra-Vision, Cinemagic’s ‘in association’ partner said:

“Xtra-vision has been integral in providing a broad range of entertainment to the people of Northern Ireland for over 25 years. At Xtra-vision, we are proud to be involved in such a worthwhile event. We are committed to delivering entertainment options which will appeal to young people.”


Tickets for festival films can be purchased online from the Cinemagic website: or by visiting the Cinemagic offices, 49 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, Alternatively tickets can be purchased from the Belfast Welcome Centre, 47 Donegall Place Belfast, Tel: 02890246609. Full details on the festival programme and how to apply for classes and events are available on the Cinemagic website or by telephoning 028 90 311 900

Ticket prices: Under 18s £3/ Adults £3.50 Excluding Special Premieres which are Under 18s £4/ Adult £5. Group Bookings: 1 free adult ticket for every 10 tickets purchased (excluding Special Premieres)

Film Festival Programmes are available from all Xtra-Vision stores across Northern Ireland.

For further information on this press release and other press enquiries please contact Claire Baxter, Press and Marketing Officer at Cinemagic on 028 90 311 900 or email [email protected]


Notes to Editor

Cinemagic is a Belfast based award winning charity that embraces the magic of film, television and digital technologies to educate, motivate and inspire young people through the medium of film screenings, workshops, and industry led masterclasses. Over the last number of years Cinemagic has been proud to welcome guests such as Brian Cox, Danny Boyle, Sir Alan Parker, Colin Hanks, Mike Hodges, Helen Mirren, Ralph Fiennes, Lindy Hemming, Stephen Warbeck, The Henson Company, Roy Disney, Hamish Hamilton, Dermot O’Leary and many more industry professionals to Belfast, where they have given their time to share their knowledge and skills with young people across Northern Ireland. The festival is currently one of the top five leading international young people’s film events and the largest in the UK and Ireland, attracting over 20,000 people annually to a wide range of events. Designed for and attended by young people, Cinemagic caters for a wide age range of young people with just about every level of interest in film covered – whether they want to watch and enjoy, create their own work or take things one stage further and find out more about a possible career in the film or television industry. 

Thanks to support from Translink we are able to provide a number of FREE buses to schools to participate in Cinemagic events in Belfast. These are subject to availability so please book early to avoid disappointment.


STORM Cinemas, Odyssey Pavillion, Belfast:

DATE/ START TIME                   FILM              

Thursday 21st September 

7.00pm    BARNYARD (Prem)            


Friday 17th November

7.00pm    THE SANTA CLAUSE 3 -

                        THE ESCAPE CLAUSE (Prem)          

Saturday 18th November

10.30am    SHORTS FOR SHORTIES            

3.00pm    WATERSHIP DOWN   


6.30pm    TOY STORY             

Sunday 19th November

3.00pm    WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND         

7.00pm    SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN      


Monday 20th November      


Tuesday 21st November

7.00pm    IRISH LANGUAGE SHORTS                   

Wednesday 22nd November      

7.00pm    IN THE EYE OF THE BEAR               

Thursday 23rd November

7.00pm    PITBULLTERJE               

Friday 24th November

7.00pm    OPAL DREAM   

Saturday 25th November


3.00pm    TOY STORY    

6.00pm    CHARLIE II      

Sunday 26th November

3.00pm    MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS   


Monday 27th November

8.00pm    YOUNG ANDERSEN   

Tuesday 28th November


Wednesday 29th November

7.00pm    PAULA’S SECRET    

Thursday 30th November

7.00pm    BONKERS    

Friday 1st December


                                  CURSE OF THE WERE RABBIT 

Saturday 2nd December


                        CURSE OF THE WERE RABBIT   

Sunday 3rd December

7.00pm    CLOSING NIGHT FILM &AWARDS                    

Movie House Cinemas, Dublin Rd, Belfast:

DATE/ START TIME                   FILM    

Monday 25th September       

7.00pm    HOODWINKED (Prem)  

Saturday 18th November


Sunday 19th November

7.00pm    TIME BANDITS         

Monday 20th November      


Wednesday 22nd November      

7.00pm                   ONCE IN A LIFETIME            

Thursday 23rd November


Friday 24th November

7.00pm    TSOTSI 

Saturday 25th November


Sunday 26th November

7.00pm    BEETLEJUICE   

Monday 27th November

7.00pm  FLUSHED AWAY (Prem) 

Wednesday 29th November

7.00pm                MY LIFE AS A DOG   

Thursday 30th November

7.00pm                WALMART – THE HIGH COST

                               OF LOW PRICE   

Friday 1st December

7.00pm    TSOTSI   


21st -24th November and 28th November- 1st December

Queen’s Film Theatre, University Square, Belfast

The education film programme in the QFT is accompanied with FREE workshops and panel discussions relevant to the film screenings. The workshops are facilitated by accomplished historians, journalists, social commentators and filmmakers. Each daily package costs £3 per student. Translink supports the 2006 education programme and are pleased to offer a number of FREE buses (travel to and from the venue). Numbers are limited and we operate on a first come first serve basis.

Daily Schedule

10.15am Schools Arrive

10.30am Workshop

1.00pm Lunch

1.30pm Film

2.30pm Schools Depart

Tuesday 21st November

Short Film Development with Screenwriters Ink

+ Growing Pains (A collection of short films that deals with the complexities of growing up)

Wednesday 22nd November

The Evacuees (Documentary) + Directors Discussion and Evacuee Q&A

+ Animated Antics (A collection of short animations from around the world)

Thursday 23rd November

Become a Filmmaker with Eyeshot Studios

+ Growing Pains (A collection of short films that deals with the complexities of growing up)

Friday 24th November

Become a Filmmaker with Eyeshot Studios

+ Growing Pains (A collection of short films that deals with the complexities of growing up)

Tuesday 28th November

Mean Creek (Feature Film) + Irish Film Institute Workshop

The Mighty Celt (Feature Film) + Irish Film Institute Workshop

Wednesday 29th November

World Cinema Showcase:

Kirikou and the Wild Beasts (Feature Film)

Young Andersen (Feature Film)

Thursday 30th November

What Makes Me Happy (Shorts Package) + Save the Children Disscussion/Q&A

+ Opal Dream (Feature Film)

Friday 1st December

News Journalism Workshop

+ Good Night and Good Luck (Feature Film)


27th-30th November (inc)


Book for the following to visit your primary school:

Monday 27th November – Pingu Animation/Belfast Zoo + Shorts for Shorties

10.00am – 12.00pm AND 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Tuesday 28th November - Pingu Animation/Belfast Zoo + Shorts for Shorties

10.00am – 12.00pm AND 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Wednesday 29th November – Bob the Builder/Fireman Sam + Shorts for Shorties

10.00am – 12.00pm AND 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Thursday 30th November - Bob the Builder/Fireman Sam + Shorts for Shorties

10.00am – 12.00pm AND 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Workshop Price: £1 per student

“Xtra-Vision and Cinemagic have received an investment from Arts and Business New Partners to further develop their creative partnership. Arts & Business News Partners is funded by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure.”


17th-19th November (inc)

The Waterfront Hall, Belfast.

Cinemagic Stars is a 3-day intensive masterclass, open to 13-18 year olds that will offer young people the opportunity to develop acting techniques in Shakespeare, Contemporary or Musical Theatre. Each group will be lead by renowned industry professionals Suranne Jones, Mikyla Dodd, Chris Hoyle and Musical Director, Lee Bryn Heywood. This high energy, exciting workshop will allow you in 72 hours to be create a stage production that you will perform on the Sunday evening to your family and friends!

Deep River Rock and Cinemagic have received an investment from Arts and Business New Partners to further develop their creative partnership. Arts & Business News Partners is funded by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure.”

YOUNG FILM MAKER in association with First Light

24th-26th November (inc)

Queen’s Film Theatre, Belfast

Cinemagic is looking for imaginative and original films made by young people to be showcased over three nights, and the best of young film making talent in Northern Ireland and the UK will be awarded in various age categories and the winning entry will be screened during Cinemagic’s festival 2007.The competition is open to anyone aged 25 and under and films should be no longer than 15 minutes.

The event will also include workshops and masterclasses with renowned members of the film and television industry. Please contact [email protected] for further details.


30th November and 1st December   

Castlereagh College, Belfast


Winning participants from the Talent Lab Masterclasses will get the opportunity to form part of a film making team chosen at the end of day two, which will have 48 hours to create a short film under the guidance of experienced film makers which will then be screened on 3rd December, the closing night of the festival in STORM Cinemas!

Guest Biographies

Dermot O ‘Leary

Having started out by establishing the hugely successful T4 for channel 4, Dermot is now known to millions for Big Brother’s Little Brother, a show he has anchored for the last six years. Recently, Dermot has added Associate Producer to his impressive CV, along with forming his own production company, Murfia, which is now developing a number of pilot shows. More recently, Dermot has fronted his own immensely successful Saturday afternoon show on BBC Radio 2.

Aisling Walsh

Aisling Walsh is a graduate of Dun Laoghaire School of Art in Dublin and The National Film School in Beaconsfield. Her film credits include the multi award winning ‘Song for a Raggy Boy’, ‘Invisible State’ (Ireland’s segment for the prestigious European Film Omnibus), ‘Sinners’ (for which she won several international festival awards), and ‘Joyriders’. Television credits include the recent BAFTA nominated ‘Fingersmith’, ‘Trial and Retribution’, ‘Forgive and Forget’, ‘Little Bird’, ‘Roughnecks’ and ‘Doctor Finlay’ for which she won a BAFTA Award in 1993.Recent screenplay credits include ‘Song For A Raggy Boy’ and ‘Lyn’, an adaptation of the book by Lyn Madden and Carring David based on the life of world boxing champion Glenn McCrory.

Martin Duffy

Martin is an Irish filmmaker and writer now living in Berlin. He has extensive experience as a film editor, writer, script analyst, and director. Presently Martin is attached to direct the Irish-German-Swedish co-production ‘Summer of the Flying Saucer’, a family comedy, in Summer 2006. In 2007, his ghost story screenplay ‘Little Boy Priest’ goes into production in Northern Ireland as a German-UK production. The US-German-UK project ‘Fellowship’, which he co-wrote, also goes into production next year in Northern Ireland with Martin directing and Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jeffrey Wright attached to star. Martin has directed three feature films ‘The Testimony of Taliesin Jones’ in Wales, the cast of which includes Ian Bannen, Jonathan Pryce, Geraldine James and Griff Rhys Jones. ‘The Bumblebee Flies Anyway’ in New York.  Martin co-wrote the script from the novel by Robert Cormier. The film stars Elijah Wood, Janeane Garofalo, Joe Perrino and Rachael Leigh Cook. Martin’s first feature, in 1996, was ‘The Boy From Mercury’ which he also wrote. It was produced through the Irish Film Board, RTE, and Le Studio Canal Plus. It stars Hugh O’Conor, Rita Tushingham, Tom Courtenay and nine year old James Hickey.

Liam Cunningham

Irish actor Liam Cunningham spent much of his early years on stage, but his film and television credits highlight an extremely varied and accomplished career. He made his movie debut in Mike Newell's Irish fantasy ‘Into the West’. He has since played roles in productions such as ‘War of the Buttons’, Michael Winterbottom's ‘Jude’, ‘First Knight’, ‘Dog Soldiers’, ‘Breakfast on Pluto’, ‘The League of Gentlemen Apocalypse’ and Ken Loaches award-winning ‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley’. Cunningham’s stage credits include stints with the Passion Machine theater company and London's Royal Court Theatre. His television credits include guest-starring roles on such British television series as ‘Cracker’, ‘Prime Suspect’, ‘Roughnecks’ and ‘Murphy’s Law’.

Sally Lindsey

Sally went to Hull University - intent on becoming a journalist. Whilst there she became involved in the drama group and decided at that point to become an actress. After completing her B.A. she returned home to the North West of England and trained at North Cheshire Theatre School. Her first 'break' came with a three year tour of 'Girls' Night Out' - a No.1 smash hit across the country. In 2000 she was 'spotted' by the Casting Director of 'The Royle Family' and became 'Michelle' in one of the final episodes of the series, a few months later viewers saw her star in the award winning ‘Fat Friends’ . Later in 2000 she worked with Peter Kay in Phoenix Nights and in 2001 the part of 'Shelley' in Coronation Street' was created for her which she played until her departure in June 2006. 2006 has also seen Sally return to the theatre in ‘Ella, Meet Marilyn’, in which she plays Marilyn Monroe and ‘The Ho-Ho Club’.

David Thompson

David Thompson began his career at the BBC as a documentary filmmaker. He began producing drama while working for the BBC’s Everyman documentary series, where he produced the original ‘Shadowlands’, which won the British Academy Award for Best Drama and an International Emmy. Past BBC Films productions include the acclaimed ‘Mrs. Brown’, ‘Billy Elliot’, the Academy award-winning ‘Iris’, ‘Dirty Pretty Things’, ‘The Mother’, ‘Sweet Sixteen’, ‘Sylvia’, ‘In this World’, ‘Ratcatcher’ and ‘Last Resort’.

Recent releases include the Golden Globe winning ‘Life and Death of Peter Sellers’, ‘My Summer of Love’, ‘The Mighty Celt’, ‘Bullet Boy’, ‘Millions’, ‘Mrs. Henderson Presents’, Woody Allen’s first UK set film ‘Match Point’, and ‘A Cock and Bull Story’.

Current releases include Michael Caton-Jones’ powerful and moving drama ‘Shooting Dogs’, and ‘Confetti’. Future releases will include ‘The History Boys’ adapted from Alan Bennett's award-winning stage play.

Anushia Nieradzik

Polish born Anushia Nieradzik attended the prestigious St. Martins College of Arts in London. Beginning her career in theatre, Anushia has worked as a costume designer for TV commercials, television dramas and films for many years.

Having recently completed the film ‘The 10th Man’, her other credits include, ‘Dr Who’, the BAFTA winning ‘Middlemarch’, ‘Madame Bovary’, ‘Sex Traffic’, ‘Wondrous Oblivion’, ‘Best’, ‘The Revengers Comedies’  and the romantic comedy ‘Circle of Friends’.

Una Maguire

After working as a Press Officer and Public Relations manager on the Northern Ireland arts scene for four years Una Maguire left Belfast for London where she worked for the world famous contemporary dance company Rambert before joining the BBC as one of their senior publicists.  After another stint back in Belfast at BBC NI she moved to the BBC in London to work on high profile dramas such as, ‘Messiah’, and ‘The Lost World’ among others.  After leaving the BBC two years ago she now works as a freelance publicist on a range of diverse projects which included ‘Arch Angel’ with Daniel Craig and the hit 2006 drama ‘Hotel Babylon’. Una is currently working on ‘Jane Eyre’ starring Toby Stephens, ‘The Ruby in the Smoke’ starring Billie Piper and Julie Walters and ‘Shadow in the North’.

Martin Baker and Pete Coogan

In 20 years spent working with the Jim Henson Company, Martin gained enormous experience in a wide range of production from TV series/specials/mini-series, film, TV, Home Video, Theme Park Attractions and Event Production. During his time at the company as executive vice-president, Martin had oversight and responsibility for all worldwide production; producing many of the projects himself. His credits include: Producer of the three Muppet Movies, Executive Producer on The Sesame Street Movie and he received an Emmy for his work as producer on ‘Muppets Tonight’. Martin has also produced the Royal Variety Performance and the BAFTA Television Awards. He was executive producer on the film ‘Mirrormask’ and was co-executive producer on ‘Farscape’. He currently has a consulting agreement with the Walt Disney Company.

Another veteran of the Jim Henson Company for over 22 years, Pete has broad and extensive experience in film and television production, having held numerous and varied positions on many Henson’s productions. Including; Co-Producer of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story’, Production Manager for the feature films ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’, and ‘Muppet Treasure Island’, and executive in charge of production on the Emmy – nominated television series ‘Farscape’ as well as hundreds of hours of family and children’s TV programmes. In 2003, he became the managing director of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. In his role he was responsible for managing the Creature Shops in London, Los Angeles and New York.

David Perry    

Queen’s University and Belfast City Council are hosting the visit of video games visionary, David Perry, to Belfast during November 2006.  David is globally recognised as a leading figure in the video games industry.  He is founder and CEO of and formerly was President of Shiny Entertainment.  He is an Expert Video Game Industry columnist for and sits on the advisory board of the Game Developers Conference and the Video Games Expo.

Based in Los Angeles, although hailing from Northern Ireland, David has produced games such as the Matrix and the Earthworm Jim series.  He launched his career at just 15 years of age when he started writing computer game programming books while still at school in Northern Ireland. Today his games have recorded nearly $1 billion in global sales. Please Note: This ‘Talent Lab’ class will take place at Queens University.

As a Visiting Fellow in the Creative Industries at Queen’s University, David will deliver a keynote address at the university on Wednesday 29 November in which he will explore the past, present and future of the interactive entertainment industry.  For further information contact Stephen McGowan on 028 9097 2573 or at [email protected]

Advertising Talent Lab

The Northern Ireland Tourist Board, the body responsible for promoting Northern Ireland as a tourist destination and FireIMC, one of the top integrated communications agencies in Northern Ireland, have had a successful three year marketing relationship promoting  Northern Ireland short breaks.

Day One will be spent at the offices of FireIMC where the group will meet with some of Northern Ireland’s top advertising executives, who will reveal how the advertising industry works and what it takes to make it in this competitive environment.

Day Two will see the group hurled into the world of advertising executives when they are presented with a brief for their client, NITB, to produce creative for a TV Ad. The teams will pitch to a judging panel made up of marketing professionals who will select the winning creative.

Day Three will provide the whole group with the opportunity to see how the winning Ad is transformed from page to screen at a Belfast based production house. 

The winning Ad will be shown at the closing night of the Cinemagic Film Festival and the winning team will then have the opportunity to work, for a few weeks, with FireIMC to learn more about the trade.


“In Conversation with…”

Cinemagic, in partnership with BT, will host three events “In conversation with” highly respected media professionals.

These events are FREE and open to everyone – simply book your place by contacting Cinemagic, tel. 028 9031 1900.

Martin Baker and Pete Coogan (Biog above)

Thursday 30th November

12.30pm (exit 1.30pm)

Castlereagh College

Donal MacIntyre

Thursday 30th November

5.00pm (exit 6.00pm)

Castlereagh College

Donal’s first work in television was for the award winning BBC investigative sports strand, ‘On The Line’ in 1993. For this programme he won awards in both Ireland and the U.S.A. He then moved from the BBC to ITV's BAFTA winning ‘World in Action’ investigative programme.  Donal won two Royal Television Society Awards for a film on drug dealing by night club bouncers. His profile led him to being poached back by the BBC to front a major undercover series. The series would be shown around the world and made headlines everywhere it was broadcast. ‘MacIntyre Undercover’ was screened in November 1999 and was the culmination of almost two years research by MacIntyre and his BBC team. In January 2003 MacIntyre joined FIVE in a high profile move. Programmes included, ‘MacIntyre UK Undercover’, ‘MacIntyre's Millions’, ‘MacIntyre's Underworld’, ’Big Stings’ and ‘Can Your Trust….?’ He continued to work on BBC projects while developing films and strands for FIVE. Donal’s investigative journalism has changed government policy, led to the conviction of dangerous criminals and exposed injustices in many high profile organizations and societies.

Barry McIlheney

Friday 1st December

5.00pm (exit 6.00pm)

Castlereagh College

Barry is Editor-in-Chief of New Product Development at emap consumer media, and was most recently responsible for the successful launch of Zoo magazine. After a spell in local newspapers and the now-defunct Melody Maker, Barry joined emap in 1986 as Editor of Smash Hits, before launching Empire, now the UK's biggest-selling movie magazine, in 1989. After this and a period as Publisher of a number of emap titles, he became Managing Director of emap metro from 1994-99, during which time he oversaw the launch of heat. In 2002, he moved back into editorial as Editor-in-Chief of New Product Development, and is now working on a host of prospective launches for emap consumer media. Barry has twice been voted emap Editor of The Year, and was Editor of Empire when it won the PPA Magazine of The Year in 1992.


Puppet Masterclass

Date: Wednesday 29th November

10.00am (exit 4.00pm)

Age: 8 – 13

Venue: Castlereagh College

If you would like to spend a day with one of the best puppet designers and builders in the country and a world renowned puppeteer, who has worked for, amongst others, The Jim Henson Company, Sesame Street and The Walt Disney Company. In this class participants will make their own simple puppet and learn some techniques that will allow you to develop and perform your character.

Acting with Kelvin Fletcher

Date: Friday 1st December

10am: (exit 4.00pm)

Age: 13 -18

Venue: Castlereagh College

Kelvin Fletcher has played Andy Sugden in Emmerdale since 1996, winning the British Soap Award for Best Dramatic Performance in 1999.Kelvin’s part in Emmerdale follows a string of television roles, in programmes such as In Suspicious Circumstances, Cracker, Heartbeat and Chiller

Drama with Masks

Date: Saturday 2nd December

10.00am (exit 4.00pm)

Age: 6 – 13

Venue: Dee Street Community Centre, 12-16 Dee Street, Belfast

This workshop will use the masks as mainly a tool for enjoyment, but they will also be used to explore and stretch participants’ physicality. Young people will also be introduced to the language of mime and during the class participants will work alongside drama professionals to create single action movements that will then be put together to create a short scene.


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