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October 13, 2006



And fortunately, you don't even own a car to have stolen and then only have to worry about Wayne's car being stolen and then burnt.

But then, how could anyone burn a Punto?

Jett Loe

Gee Phil, I'm concerned that you know so much about my life - what have I done with this show???


You've made a terrible mistake.

Jett Loe

Yes, I know - but I have to accept the consequences of my actions and live it with it.

Jack Grantham

Martin Ingram Aka Ian Hurst is a liar.Soldier of Fortune.Mercenary.Only interested in making money.He is a con-man who will sell his lies to anyone who will pay for them.
The person who calls himself Martin ingram but is in fact ex Int Corps SSgt Ian Hurst (known as rocky) is a liar of the highest order. His book STEAKNIFE is almost complete fiction, as are his assertions that Martin McGUINNESS was an agent of the state. He is dementedly lying completely about his past service in FRU. He only ever served in sleepy backwaters of the Province and never came face to face with anyone except low level eyes and ears agents. He never ran STEAKNIFE or even met him. In short, his book is a complete fabrication based on god knows what. He endangers the lives of serving and former soldiers as well as civilians with his ridiculous fairy tales. Hopefully he will appear in court at some of the current inquiries and investigations so he can be shown to be the liar he really is.

This message comes from

Jett Loe

Wow - perhaps the most heavy duty comment we've had here at LTA - may have to devote a whole show to it...


Deja vu - it also was posted as a comment to Alan in Belfast a couple of weeks ago too!

Jett Loe

Yikes! STEAKNIFE Spam!

Jack Grantham

Sorry about the the Steaknife spam.Martin Ingram aka Ian Hurst in his blogging "On the Darkside"[He no longer sleeps with his wife but sits up all night blogging] is publishing names and addresses of people who know his real identity.I personally know that only the British Government knows his real identity.

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