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October 31, 2006



Wow. That flyer looks AWFULLY familiar.

I wonder why....

Jett Loe

Am I to assume that you wrote the copy for said press release?

Alan in Belfast

Spooktacular indeed. What a great word - sounds like at least a morning's work!


Actually, the copy is a hybrid of god knows how many people sitting around the table (probably 40 or 50).

I do, however, claim 'Spooktacular' as my own.


Am I the only one amused by the thought of Jett on a "pub crawl"? Jett will get to enjoy the fine array of sparkling waters on hand at each pub.

I also enjoyed the quote in the linked article where the lady complained that the kids don't "sing" or anything in exchange for candy.

Jett Loe

Was at a friends house tonight and 'lo and behold' the kids DID sing! Plus, they don't say 'Trick or Treat' - it's all 'Merry Halloween' to them...

Rob in Glasgow

Happy Halloween, Jett & Wayne!

Whilst its true to say that Halloween has been Americanised here in the UK, we have ALWAYS celebrated it. I believe it has different roots here though... although I can't remember the details...

When I was a child here in Scotland, 25-30 years ago, it was a big deal. We'd go out from house to house guising in our costumes, and have to sing, tell stories or jokes, or something like that. As a reward we'd get some fruit, sweets or nuts.

Trick or Treat is an alien concept to us - I only remember it from watching Peanuts cartoons! Its a shame if we lose our traditions.

Jett Loe

Glad to hear you had to sing for your treats Rob...was v. impressed with the locals vocal talent last night! :-)


I thought Halloween was an ancient Celtic holiday celebrating the end of summer. I did read today that Americans spent something like 7 billion dollars on Halloween this year. That figure can't be right. I'm gonna have to look into that. If it's true, that is so wrong for so many reasons.

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