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October 25, 2006



I'm surprised Wayne didn't 'flash' the camera.

Jett Loe

Lord - Wayne and I are both sick after being drenched by the 'water' at the Jungle Fever ride...


You know -- at first glance I was convinced this was photoshopped...then I looked closer and noticed the mic you're holding, and remembered you telling me something about the "fun fair" earlier in the week...this photo is real...and I salute you for it.



I'm feeling slightly better today but I can't help but feel that the water honestly made me sick. They probably use the same water all year long.

Jett Loe

Thanks Phil - F.Y.I., Wayne noticed that the 'camera' taking the photo was obviously a 'traffic camera' used to catch speeders - where the folks at Funderland got it I will not speculate...


Wayne - not to mention the carneys probably use it for their personal toilet.

Alan in Belfast

Do specialise in visiting places at the point of closure? First Ormeau Baths Gallery, now Funderland.

Great entertainment while waiting for the red eye to Luton to depart.

But now you've intrigued us - who's Liz?

Jett Loe

Alan - think you're right. Wayne that's gotta be our new schtick - if a place is closing in N.I. we head STRAIGHT over there.

As to Liz - well, as a long-time listener Alan you know that I keep certain aspects of my life off the show - but when faced with near certain death as Wayne and myself were on the 'Jungle Fever' ride, I found myself more revealing than normal. Let's just leave it at that!

(possible identities of Liz: Personal Guru, my Dental Hygienist, World of Warcraft Guild Member or local girl at supermarket checkout who I think is FINE)

Alan in Belfast

Even more likely to be someone working in Clements who serves you once or twice a day!!

But very truthful of you not to edit it out. (Or very cunning of you to make up a random name just at the right moment. But I'm not that cynical so I'll vote for reality this time.)

Wayne Ordinary American

Alan, we're all about the truth on LTA.

You should know that by now.


About Liz... my money is on the supermarket. They're not called "checkout girls" for no reason. You know whst FINE stands for don't you? Very funny show, guys!


I meant what. As in "what a post whore that girl Jama is..."

whisky nose

Chapter 50? I've been tuning in that long?

LTA is becoming the definitive alternative guide to N Ireland. Can a section of the site be devoted to 'essential places to visit in NI'?

Also, who is Liz?

Jett Loe

Yes, you've been listening that long Whisky Nose. Even scarier - Wayne and I have been producing the show for a year.

As to Liz - maybe local, wheelchair bound girl I've admired from afar at local library?

Jama - nope, don't know what FINE stands for. Feel free to enlighten us.

+ WN: Yep, maybe we should have an area on the site devoted to just that subject - in fact, am in the process of having the site redesigned right now - so any suggestions from anybody always welcome.


Hey Jett,
Isn't Liz your Mother? I seem to remeber that from a previous episode but hey, what do I know? Wait a minute, I know my Triumph 900 will go 127mph. Does that count?

whisky nose

Well, keep the fixes coming... not that I have an addictive personality!

Quick suggestion for the new site, for the more down to earth, non-art performance segments of the show, add in some photos so we (the listeners) get a visual rep of what is happening to us.

Mucho gratias hermanos!

Jett Loe

Nope, Liz is not my mom - don't think I've ever mentioned my mother's name on the show - though I have referred to her from time to time.

Other possibilites for Liz: my probation officer, production assistant or celebrity weather girl I'm hot for.

Alan in Belfast

I feel a vote coming on - right hand of the LTA homepage like the old days. Q: Who is Liz? And then some of Jett's quite brilliant answers!

Jett Loe

Ah...the old days, back when LTA was fresh - remember our first episode in the Lift? So young.


Well, I was told once that FINE stood for F**ked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. Stay far, far away from fine women!


Episodes in elevators....Hmmmmm, I wonder if Whitey still can't dance?

Jett Loe

We'll find out soon enough Brianf, soon enough.


Aah no, I've joined late! I have no opinions of this Liz! Loved the episode though. The idea that there's something dark and sinister behind something called Funderland is scrumptious.

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