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December 12, 2006


Whisky Nose

Excellent, bring on chapter 54... looking forward to some Christmas cheer. Not sure about those phallic El Presidente's you're sporting in the photo!

Jett Loe

Wayne and I are still feeling the effects of those.


My, my, those are two very large chunks of meat.


I still don't feel right.

Jett Loe

The 'brats' combined with our exertion with the Wii have done me in.


haha, this doesn't actually regard the lovely sausage shot. instead it's about your youtube reply to the godawful america show clip. delightful. really delightful. i also appreciated the self promotion. sly.


also you look sort of like patrick wilson in that picture. the pedophile from hard candy and/or gay mormon from angels in america.

Jett Loe

Yes Lydia - if there's one thing we're all about here at LTA it's self-promotion.

Also thank you for your lovely comments re: my resemblance to a gay mormon pedophile.

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