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December 20, 2006



Is that painting of Fran Drescher?

Jett Loe

I think the horror of the painting cannot be confined to the supposed representation of any one person.


You're right.

It could be an amalgamation of loud-mouthed female personas, but it is best not to try and peg this one as such.

Is this the art-equivalent of The Amercia Show?

Jett Loe

That fact that it 'portrays' someone female was not noticed - the sheer terribleness of it conceptually was what got to me. That, and the hand on the right.


Don't get me wrong - I goes beyond any portrayal - I was just so taken aback by it, that it made me pause to think "who could be behind this monstrosity". I could only identify "Fran Drescher" as an annoying female with that grating, shrill voice that could have something to do with a visual so equally annoying and horrifying. It looks a bit like her.

I mean, someone did have to pose for this, right? Now it's all I can think about.

You have to stop this, Jett. First, the unveiling of the America Show, now this. I love it, but I also hate you for it.


Post script:

Of course I must apologize to the European readers out there who may not know who Fran Drescher is - I am American, and in my America-centro universe I assume everyone knows who we know.

Drescher was the star of this American sitcom, in which she played a character that had this incredible high-pitched, annoying New York accent. I would encourage you to find an mp3 clip from this show to understand more why I associate this painting with her and this character.

Thank you.


On this side of the pond I think we know her best as Bobby Fleckman! 'The hostess with the mostess' from Spinal Tap...

If you go to any 6th form art class in the land you'll see paintings like that. I'd take a guess that whoever curated the exhibition must've been so proud of their offspring's 6th form art project that they shoe-horned it in there in the misguided belief that it will somehow cause a sensation and kick start their career into the world of art thus getting them out of the house where they've been lying on the sofa 24 hours a day since leaving school... I'm sure that's how these things work in Norn Iron... We don't live in a meritocracy over here... ;)

Jett Loe

I had another look at the press release for the show - there are 250 works on display out of a total number of 500 submitted - so ya had a 50 percent chance of getting in.

I feel bad for picking on this painting - but Jeezus it's awful. Of course, if after I learn to draw I find that I'm just as bad then will of course apologise profusely.


After you learn to draw... that's funny. It reminds me of the time during my first golf lesson when I turned to my friend and announced that within 12 months I would be playing in the LPGA.

Something to keep in mind is that whether or not the painting is awful, you have spent a good deal of time talking about it and that's the point of art, at least to me. It has succeeded in provoking an emotion in you. Very interesting.

Jett Loe

Oh, I'm gonna learn to draw all right - just you watch.

Re: provoking an emotion...yes an emotion - a reaction more like it - a reaction definitely - a reaction of fear and loathing.

Hounds Rye

LOL - love the build up to the punch on that luverly painting.

I kinda like it in a way. Ambitious.

My British partner knows all the lyrics to the intro song for 'The Nanny' TV show. Cracks us all up!


hehehehehe, some truly awful work there, but in the meantime, you managed to photograph two of my ex-employers. And despite what was on the walls, somehow they managed to look so serious...


Jett Loe

Everybody WAS very serious there...and people were buying the work which is cool.


I agree with some of the comments regarding the quality of work but you obviously hadnt gone to the RUA late 2006 where some of the work not just selected but awarded prizes was beyond belief!
The RUA supposedly carries some clout but only in a small pond such as Northern Ireland, some of it was really embarassing.
As with alot of organisations in Northern Ireland, there is an elitist clique and its definitely who you know???

Jett Loe

Yeah Claire - I def. agree with you = N.I. is a very insular / closed kind of place - so very 'clique'y - the only response is to do good work!!

Aorund Par

If I may be quite honest with you, Jett, I understand how seeing a painting like that one near the bottom can, at first, put a person off, and being somewhat late to the community and all, I'm responding to it a bit late, but I haven't quite caught on to what the image really means to me, which is possibly one reason I don't really think this is at all a bad piece. There is quite a lot of detail, and it seems to be well made, but you might think it's bad for a reason I'm completely unaware of, but either way, I am sorry for posting comments to old entries and being slightly behind the times here.


Jett Loe

Don't worry - feel free to post what ya want.

Will have to disagree with ya though - that is one bad painting.

Aorund Par

Honestly, I can't see what you dislike about it. I certainly respect your opinion on the matter, but when you get a minute, I wonder if you could email me at [email protected] and tell me exactly why you dislike it so much. I'm seriously interested to hear first hand your perspective on it. Whatever would be easy for you to do, be it just a text email or perhaps an audio file talking about it, I'd love to hear it. By the way, I hadn't mentioned it yet, but I have a web page with some fractal art I've done. The link to that is, and you can have a look at those whenever you feel like it, and I hope you would, because more contact info is there that you might be able to use, considering I can't use Skype through my dialup connection, or so I assume, but anyway and also, the audio file I sent you, you might not want to include in the next podcast, but I hope you got it and found it at least moderately interesting, but yeah, email me and let me know why you don't like that painting, because I am genuinely interested in hearing your viewpoint. So until next time,I wish you all the best and be safe wherever you are.


Jett Loe

Hi there iPar - yes I got your audio file - I'll extract part of it on an upcoming show and discuss the 'podcast process' per your request.

Re: the painting - I think it's appalling in every aspect from composition to subject matter and execution - but as I originally posted I am not that comfortable critiquing without trying painting and drawing for myself - so any further critique of the work will come in a visual medium.


That "Fundamentals of drawing" book on the top of the pile there is by Barry, my old art teacher from School. Legendary teacher he was too. Certainly got me drawing a lot.

Jett Loe

Excellent! I'm having fun with the book - perhaps soon will unveil my wee sketches of Belfast.

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