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December 04, 2006


Whisky Nose

Much like your theory on Ian Paisley, I think these guys are just harmless performance artists. They are really just good liberal folk acting out fear plays; there is a lot of catharsis in these film clips.

Jett Loe

You might be right Whisky Nose.

In all things I'd like to think the answer could lay in Performance Art. And if they need catharsis or release - why not try this? (make sure to press the Play button at the top of the site).


"...culture that is repressive and barbaric and living in a savage pre-enlightenment era"

Two words for you:

Abu Ghraib

This is a terribly, shamefully ignorant statement they've made. Blame them. That's what we do. Blame the ignorant savages for the situation that they find themselves in. Not the Americans. Let me ask this. Who dropped the bombs in 2003? Who put the weapons into their hands? When do take some freaking responsibility? When do we admit that we were wrong for going into Iraq?

The pure lunacy of the Iraq debate is only understood when one arrives at the understanding that the collective we in the West are utterly responsible for this “War”.

Jett Loe

Actually now I feel bad about getting so worried about 'ChronWatch'. They don't quite have their act together. Check out some of the Ads that appear on their site courtesy of Google Ads:

Find Single Muslims Looking for Love in Your Area!


Your Muslim Mortgage

and of course the classic

Why Islam?


Wow - I bet they get really screwed by the 30 yr muslim mortgages.

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