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December 14, 2006


Whisky Nose

Wayne's accent towards the end of the podcast is full blown Northern Irish. Its a transitional phase...

Jett Loe

Wayne's gone native.

Rob, Glasgow

Agree about Wayne's accent at the end!

Great show - have fun back home for Christmas - will be VERY interested to see what you think of it after 2 years away. I think you've even got me in the festive mood at last...

Happy Christmas!

Jett Loe

Glad to hear the show got ya in the festive mood - it's always festive when there's Strudel involved...


ah well... no wonder I didn't hear back from you when I emailed your flickr account saying I was coming to Belfast for Christmas offering tomeet @ Clement's for a coffee... have a wonderful trip back to the States :-)

long time lurker & big time fan... this show got me in the mood for the Continental Market, I will be there Monday!!

Jett Loe

Hi there Penelope - did email you back - guess you didn't get it - yes will be out of town when you're here but trust you will enjoy your time in Belfast!

Alan in Belfast

As I listened through, it seemed like this week's podcast was brought to us by the word "wee". We'll just have a wee this, the wee that. Jett - you're naturalising and adapting very well. They'll not understand you back home.

Then we got to the end of the show - and the real Wii came out.

Have great Christmas.

Jett Loe

Ahh Alan, you're one of the few who appreciate the hidden depths of the show... a Merry Christmas to you too Sir! (and folks, don't forget to visit Alan's Website: Alan in Belfast.


Good podcast. How was the kangaroo?

Jett Loe

Ask Wayne.


Is it just me, or does the photo in this podcast flyer look like the contraption that lowered Kate Capshaw to her up/down fate in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ?

Its bound to be on this christmas, pay close attention.


Great Podcast by the way - I hope you dont mind me saying, but back to form if you ask me.

Jett Loe

Back to form?!?!? Lord, have we been off as of late at LTA?

To be truthful, am not quite sure what our quality control mechanisms are here.

Jett Loe

And you're right Matt - when I first saw that thing I too was reminded of that timeless Christmas Classic.

"Mola Ram! Prepare to meet Kali... in Hell!"


Re: Wayne's collated list of words and phrases to describe a state of inebriation. Did he make up a fair proportion of them? What were his sources? Merle Haggard'd? He's having a laugh, surely...

(He missed out 'trolleyed', by the way. A glaring omission...)

Jett Loe

I believe Wayne cut and pasted from an online article by the BBC.

He's a bit of a time-saver that way.

Aorund Par

I just emailed Jett a bit ago. I was wondering how often the podcasts were released and where to get all the episodes, but I found the page, so one question is already answered, but I'm still wondering about the Goth Girl Gemma, I sent an email to the address I found with one of the comments saying whichever person knows Gemma, so I'm hoping to get some help that way, because I'm trying to get in contact with her, but I think Jett and Wayne should try and find Gemma and let her know how famous she is, and I think she should get her very own segment on the show, I'd like to hear what she sounds like. Episode 25 of LTA mentions something about meeting a goth girl in the description, and it's close to the same time as the blog page in feb. 2006, so I'm DLing that now and I'll have all the podcasts this weekend if some of my friends aren't too busy. Also, I am wondering if I'd be able to submit something to the show, I don't know what yet, but probably some form of audio content, music or something, I'd like to send in a video of me and where I live, but I don't know if you guys release any video podcasts, so I might just upload it to Youtube and send you all a link to it...

Anyway, again, great episode, I got some mental imagery to ponder and that's always a good thing, so until next time...


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