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December 04, 2006



Holy shit.


I could be wrong but I believe the Fox-commissioned show and this garbage are two unrelated projects. I can't imagine this rotten abortion of a show being commissioned, financed or sanctioned by any major network - even if it was fox. But correct me if I'm wrong.


What Phil said. And what puke's named.

I weep for that country. (look at drivers license) Holy Shit.


Sorry... that was so painful I couldn't watch the whole thing.


No, Jett. You were right. This has no place on teh internets.


Indeed the worst thing I've ever seen.


It's not necessary to feel like an asshole. It's a lesson in humility and source checking. :) It's good, honest feedback, too and whatever these girls were trying to do they failed completely. It's truly awful. Not to mention a Fox News based right wing version of the Daily Show. That is also a terrible idea.


Whoops! I think we've all been subject to a foolish knee-jerk reaction at some point.


I like to think that my knee-jerk reaction to CRAP is appropriate. I'm nothing if not a woman of good taste. :P


I have a problem. I cannot stop watching these.


I still think that this show and the Joel Surnow/ Fox News show may be merging into the same thing. Surnow's show used to be called "This Just In" but it's no longer called that. And Julia Gorin (one of the three girls) blogs with Surnow at


Yes, this made my ass bleed.

Whisky Nose

Wow... how many people in the USA do these fuq-ups represent? Do they have passports? That is scary stuff.


More disturbing is they seem to be pleased that their viewership has increased dramatically - but for all the wrong reasons.

It is not that the "libs" hate their is apparent to LTA readers I am as conservative as they is the truly awful content. And to emphasize your point, Jett, yes it is exactly what I would expect from someone trying to "zing" it to the other side, with no real thought towards any production value or thought-provoking content of any sort (least of all "funny").

Aorund Par

OMG!!! Those ARE Horrible!!! I don't know what wlse to say about them...


Lol i think the one in pink tinkled herself by accident when she got all excited about her recent trip to wal-mart. You know its so funny to see what people will do to try to gain a little bit of fame and sometimes its sad.
Although with that said there is one thing these ladies cannot buy at wal-mart and that is there dignity back but hey wal-mart will sell you something better and thats sausage wrapped in a pancake on a stick! lol the daily show rules

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